8 Best Hydrating Face Mists 2021 | The Sun UK

YOU don't need to be dehydrated in the Sahara desert to have dried-out, dull skin, it can happen to anyone anywhere, even in rainy old Great Britain.

The best hydrating face mists can rejuvenate your complexion, wherever you are, replenishing your visage with moisture and brightening it with vitamins.

Unlike other beauty products, hydrating mists can slot into your skincare or makeup routine wherever. Simply spray 15 to 20cm away from your face, even when you're already wearing make-up.

If your skin is looking as fed up with the Coronavirus pandemic as you are, then you might want to brighten up with hydrating mist that's packed with vitamin C.

Feeling dry even after moisturising? Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E-infused hydrating mists should be your go-to.

Skincare is self-care, so it's time you invested in one of the best hydrating face mists, with the most effective results. See you in a spritz!

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