9 Best Men's Socks 2020 | The Sun UK

ALONG with shoes and pants, socks are a necessity, but there are some which rank way higher than others.

What makes a good pair of socks? Well, the best socks for men are long-lasting (see ya' holes), and you can't feel them even if you wear them all day long, because they're that cosy.


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When buying a pair of socks, think about whether you need a snug everyday pair for working from home, or a moisture-wicking pair to hit the gym.

Brightly coloured or funky patterned socks always add a little groove to your outfit if it's looking dull.

Looking for some styling advice? Well, seeing as every man wears socks, you're spoilt for choice on Instagram.

To help you find a pair for any and every occasion, we've found the best men's socks out now. Sports pair? Check. Gift idea? Check. Thermal? Check.

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