A Brand New Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Is Here, And It Confirms A Major Fan Theory

Although there is still no release date for the fourth season of Stranger Things, a new trailer has dropped revealing something major about our next trip to Hawkins.

Netflix is more than just a streaming service on which we watch the movies and TV shows we love. Netflix is committed to bringing the world its own original content and has enjoyed a lot of hits over the past few years. Orange is the New Black, GLOW, even The Witcher is a Netflix Original. However, all of those shows are playing for second place behind Stranger Things.

There have been three seasons of Stranger Things so far and each of them has been terrific. Every episode has what feels like every single Netflix subscriber gripped. The hype surrounding season three grew to such an extent that Netflix did not hang around when it came to releasing the first teaser for season four.

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The trouble is, the teaser was exactly that. In fact, it’s probably generous to call it a teaser as it revealed almost nothing. The trailer dropped out of nowhere today, however, reveals more than we could ever have hoped for. Fans of the show know that the Russians are somewhat aware of The Upside Down, and even have a Demogorgon chained up back in their homeland.

The new trailer, which you can check out above, opens on a scene somewhere in Russia that shows laborers hard at work on a railroad. The camera pans up through the workers and focuses on one man, in particular. The worker removes his hat to reveal that he is Jim Hopper, one of the show’s main characters who fans were led to believe had died in the season three finale.

The post-credits scene at the end of season three led fans to believe Hopper might not be gone for good, but that was just one of a few theories doing the rounds once the season came to a close. Part of us thought we had lost Hopper for good, and an even bigger part didn’t believe his survival would have been confirmed so soon. As for when we will find out more, Netflix still hasn’t revealed a release date for season four.

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