Aldi is selling habanero spicy sausages and fiery chicken wings for £1.50 a pack and they’re perfect for BBQs – The Sun

BUDGET supermarket Aldi has launched a new BBQ meat range and every item costs a bargain £1.49 a pack.

Shoppers have the option to choose from eight different items, which are now available in all of Aldi’s 827 stores.

Spice lovers will be pleased to hear that the range includes a six-pack of new extra spicy pork and habanero sausages that are made with red chillies and habanero chilli powder.

A regular habanero chilli clocks in somewhere between 100,000 and 350,000 Scoville heat units (SHU) on the Scoville heat scale.

That compares to zero SHU for a sweet bell pepper and 3,180,000 SHU for the hottest pepper out there – the Pepper X.

Aldi's range also includes new "firecracker" chicken wings coated with a top-secret chilli mix.

Other new items shoppers will be able to stock up on include a four-pack of cheese melt chicken burgers (290g), hoisin pork riblets (400g), and a one-pack of 28-day thick cut sirloin steak (400g).

Aldi has also brought back popular favourites including its four-packs of Aberdeen Angus and New Zealand venison beef burgers (both 340g).

While its South Carolina foot long sausages are also back – and this time the two-pack has been cut in price from £1.99 to £1.49.

In comparison, Lidl sells a four-pack (454g) of vintage cheddar beef steak burgers for £2.69 – making them £1.29 more expensive than Aldi’s.

The discounter also rivals Aldi’s riblets, but again, its five-pack of salt and chilli pork belly strips costs more at £2.99 for 500g.

Sainsbury’s recently launched a giant 1.8metre (600g) smoky paprika and chilli sausage but it costs more at £3.50 – although the supermarket says it could feed up to six people.

Tesco meanwhile, has currently got three for £10 on its BBQ range, which includes a 900g pack of bbq sweet and sticky chicken for £4, although even with the offer Aldi is still £5.53 cheaper if you're only buying three items.

You can use Aldi store locator to find your nearest store.

If you fancy trying some of Aldi’s new items but don’t have anything to grill them on, check out our round-up of the best, cheapest gas, charcoal, or disposable BBQs from Lidl, Wilko and Homebase.

You can even pick up a disposable charcoal barbecue for £1 at Poundland.

Aldi is also selling a copycat "big green egg" BBQ for £350 – £1,075 cheaper than the original.

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