Alison Pill Teases Possibility Of ‘Devs’ Cast Reunion In New Alex Garland Series

After the complex and intense ‘Devs’ finale, Alison Pill spoke to HollywoodLife about what’s next for the incredible cast!

FX’s limited series Devs came to an end after eight jam-packed episodes and fans are already begging for more. The Alex Garland sci-fi mystery show will not get a second season continuing the story of Lily Chan and Amaya, but the famed creator has revealed he hopes to reunite the cast in his next project. “While there’s no space for another season, I have gotten to read the start of the next chapter of Alex’s project, which is this plan that he’s had…to have this cast come together again in an entirely new, entirely different story,” Alison Pill, who played the role of the brilliant Katie, revealed to in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “The first two episodes of this new project are just stunningly good. I really, really hope that we’re able to all come together again and make it soon.”

Devs, which also starred Nick Offerman, Sonoya Mizuno and Cailee Spaeny, had a close-knit cast, which Alison described as “one of the best working experiences of my life.” “We had a lot of fun and then we also get to have these monumental discussions about the nature of existence, morality, science, humans and technology…. all of these bigger, thought-provoking discussions in the midst of some really dumb infantile scatological humor!” she laughed.

If you’ve yet to watch Devs, it’s currently available on Hulu and we highly recommend binging it! “The line that the show walks, you get bits of it in every single show where they’re the thriller aspects, there’s the mystery aspect…I think we have some of the best action sequences on TV just because they’re so visceral! They’re really subtle, but they’re real and just hit you in your solar plexus,” Alison gushed. “The show is a series of conversations, essentially. It’s so rare that we get to see important conversations between two people and then just sit in those conversations for a long time. The freedom to do that — to feel like there was enough entertainment in human thoughts to just sit with those thoughts — I think is really impressive.”

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