American tries Ribena for first time without using water – but loves it

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An American woman had a bit of a mishap when she decided to film herself drinking Ribena for the first time – but she had "no idea" it was supposed to be diluted.

Holly Auna, who is on TikTok as @hollyauna, decided to try the drink because most people in the US have never tasted blackcurrant berries before.

In the clip, she explains: "Ribena is made from blackcurrant plants.

"And, yeah, we don't have those in the US. I've never heard of these before."

Unscrewing the cap and taking a deep breath, she continues: "OK, let's give this a taste test.

"My first time ever having Ribena or anything that's blackcurrant flavoured."

She then takes a big gulp, without reading on the side of the bottle that it's concentrated and needs to be diluted in water.

Her eyes bulge, then she gives the verdict: "That's really good!

"OK, I really don't like the smell combined with the flavour, but just the flavour, that's really good."

The video was watched more than 5 million times and people were quick to point out her mistake, leaving the American mortified.

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One user said: "Oh my gosh! No, you need to mix that one with water!"

A second viewer joked: "You chugged it straight! My British soul DIED."

Someone else commented: "Some come ready mixed. But this one you are definitely opposed to dilute!"

In a follow-up video, Holly gasps: "Water?! You're supposed to mix it with water?

"I never felt more painfully American. I have never ever heard of a drink that you buy that then you mix it with water, but this is apparently one of them."

She continues: "I bought it concentrated, which I didn't even know was a thing. I'm sorry, guys.

"I'm really naïve to this. I did not know that was a thing.

"It was supposed to be one part Ribena with four parts water. I drank it straight."

Holly then tried it diluted, as per the instructions on the bottle, and found the taste had vastly improved.

"That's way better," she said, "That tastes like an actual drink, not like I'm drinking syrup."

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