Armani Jackson Goes ‘Out Of My Brain’ To Move On After Escaping A Toxic Relationship

While facing some lingering ‘memories’ of a doomed love, singer/actor Armani Jackson delivers a brokenhearted introspection on ‘Out Of My Brain.’

Like how a car’s backfire echoes off the buildings of a city street or how water ripples after a dropped rock breaks the pond’s smooth surface, the pain of a breakup can linger long after the relationship ends. In those quiet hours, it’s easy to get caught up revisiting those painful memories and unresolved traumas. That pain lies at the heart of “Out Of My Brain,” the new song and video from the multi-talented entertainer, Armani Jackson. With a catchy beat that shoulders his enchanting, melancholy vocals, “Out Of My Head” is its own vibe. It’s the low-key anthem for anyone going through their own struggles at the moment.

“I wrote ‘Out Of My Brain’ over quarantine,” Armani shares with HollywoodLife. The lockdown months seemingly resulted in some introspection, which yielded this deeply personal track. “This song is about a past toxic relationship,” adds Armani, “and the need to move on, do things for yourself, and erase those memories out of your brain.” That story is deftly depicted in the accompanying color-coded video. Flashes of red punctuate those moments of anguish as Armani endures a long, blue-hued night, going through a hell of his own memory to come out stronger and wiser on the other side.

“Out Of My Brain” is a strong introduction to those unfamiliar with Armani’s musical side. In 2020, he dropped his debut single, “Almost Perfect,” featuring rapper 24hrs. “Out Of My Head” won’t be Armani’s only release this year. Up next is “Haunted,” a song about sleep paralysis. “I’ve suffered from it since I was five,” he told Pop-Culturalist. “I have Lyme disease, and sleep paralysis can be a side effect of that. … I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song about sleep paralysis, so I wrote the song about battling sleep paralysis while simultaneously battling the memories of a past relationship. It’s about how they’re still haunting you, even though they’re already gone.”

Fans have been introduced to his talent as an actor. Even at 17-years-old, Armani has already landed some noteworthy roles, including “Bubble Boy” Braden Morris on Grey’s Anatomy, Calvin in the Elijah Wood-led 2014 film Cooties, the aptly named Armani in Vin Diesel’s sword-and-sorcery epic The Last Witch Hunter, and most recently, as Joey on the 2021 TBS/HBO Max series, Chad.

“Out Of My Brain” is out now.

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