Asda is selling purple gin that tastes like berries

The pink gin industry is booming.

Sainsbury’s cherry spirit and Echo Falls’ juniper infused rosé both have a rosy hue.

But could the blushed bevvies about to go out of fashion.

Asda has just launched a purple coloured gin.

Asda is selling bottles of its Extra Special Triple Distilled Premium Berry Gin for £16.

The tipple has a floral and fruity flavour.

It has been infused with blueberry, blackberry and blackcurrant – which is why it is a purpley shade.

According to the supermarket website, the spirit tastes best with a “slice of cucumber and a splash of tonic”.

While the alcohol is a reasonable price, it’s categorised as a “premium” product.

This is likely to be because it has been distilled three times.

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