Avril Lavigne’s love affair with ‘the Devil’ is complicated

Despite her signature thick, black eyeliner, ripped tees and bobby pin ornaments, “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated” singer Avril Lavigne is in fact hopelessly un-edgy. So it’s actually quite tickling to hear that she’s finally managed to offend someone.

Turns out Christian audiences aren’t too keen on Lavigne’s new single, “I Fell In Love With the Devil,” off her latest album which debuted last month.

The lyrics suggest the song is actually about the effects of a toxic relationship, rather than a love letter to Satan: “I fell in love with the devil. Someone send me an angel,” Lavigne writes. “Please save me from this hell … it’s killing me.”

Last weekend the artist posted an update to her Instagram account in which she holds an ornate crucifix while wearing a black gown and long, hooded robe and full-length leather gloves — reminiscent of her 2013 goth-themed wedding to ex-husband, alt-rocker Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Her caption reads, “IFellInLoveWithTheDevil” in medieval-style lettering.


“You need Jesus,” one angry commenter wrote. Referring to Lavigne’s previous single “Head Above Water,” which discusses praying to God in a time of hopelessness, the disgruntled fan says, “God saved you and blessed you with another opportunity to choose. Now you have this crap?” She continued, “Get your soul right with Jesus. Only one who can save you, yet you hold his cross and blaspheme his name? I pray for your salvation.”

Another follower wrote, “Are u Christian? Or you are mocking of Jesús?”

Some bewildered fans are simply worried for their beloved Canadian songstress. “To Avril: just have a personal relationship with Jesus – that’s what really matters,” one said.

However, a majority of her followers were thrilled to see the singer return to her wannabe bad roots (“GOTH AVRIL IS BACK!!”), and one even commended the singer for addressing a difficult subject:

“As a Domestic Violence Survivor, I really appreciate this song. It’s good to bring more awareness to this issue. Many people don’t understand how toxic relationships effect the victim. Thank you!”

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