Bachelor Star Bekah Martinez Finally Reveals Crazy True Story Behind Time She Was Reported Missing

The story involves a bear, a weed farm, a purported hostage situation, and “meth heads with knives.”

“The Bachelor” is no stranger to bizarre stories, but the saga of Rebekah Martinez being listed as a missing persons even as her season began airing on ABC is certainly one for the books. And it only got crazier as Bekah opened up about just how that happened.

The bottom line is that she was actually never missing at all. And yet, not only was she reported as missing by her parents, she was still being listed as such while the show was airing, leading to all sorts of wild claims about what had happened when people started recognizing her.

How Bekah from 'The Bachelor' Ended Up on California's Missing Persons Database

Bekah’s initial story, as she told on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” at the time, was a vastly simplified and stripped down version of what really happened.

She told him and other media outlets at the time that she’d needed to get away after filming, so she went to a friend’s weed farm and because she didn’t have service there, her parents report her as missing. People were pretty hard on her for that, but it wasn’t even close to the truth.

According to Bekah, it turns out they had a far more specific and frightening reason to go to the police and report her as missing, as they were told she’d been the victim of a horrific crime.

Martinez laid it all out on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, and it all started with a post about appreciating her vehicle because it helped her survive hitting a bear — the bear just slid across her door and then took off for the woods.

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But why she was somewhere where a bear could come at her like that in the first place brought her back to the infamous missing saga. She was right that she’d made her way to a remote marijuana farm after filming had ended on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season.

What she’d left out, according to this version of the story she still insists is a shortened version of a much longer tale, is that she actually went with “a new friend” to this weed farm. And while there, she was using this friend’s phone to keep in touch with her parents.

Things went bad in a horrific way, according to Bekah, when her friend got kicked off the farm and she decided not to go with her. Strapped for cash after giving up her nanny gigs to film “The Bachelor,” she had no reason to leave and every reason to stay.

“She got mad I wouldn’t leave with her when she got kicked out so she texted my mom that I was being held hostage by meth heads with knives and then stopped replying,” Bekah shared.

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“My poor parents were actually traumatized,” she wrote, which might just be the understatement of the year. She also said that while the place was pretty sketch, there were definitely no meth heads or knives involved, nor any hostage situations.

Bekah then said that her parents filed the missing persons report the same day that she’d decided she needed to leave, saying she had “a weird feeling.” She also said that when she finally got in touch with her “actually traumatized” parents, she got a well-deserved “earful.”

The missing saga over, Bekah said she got paid from the farm and was able to make rent until her “Bachelor” fame moved her into making Instagram influencer money. So all’s well that end’s well — except it didn’t quite end there.

Bekah and her parents called the Humbold County Sheriff’s office multiple times to say she was no longer missing, ultimately leaving a voicemail when no one was answered. But apparently, no one picked up that message, either, as she was never removed from the list.

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An innocuous local news story about Humbold County’s massive missing persons list (there were apparently other found people still on it) blew up when people started recognizing Bekah’s picture as one of the contestants on “The Bachelor.”

There were baseless rumors started immediately, including that she had secretly competed on the show without her parents’ knowledge, and that’s why they filed her as a missing persons. Her story on “Kimmel” wasn’t much better, making her again look like an “a——” for failing to let her parents know she was offline on a weed farm.

Ultimately, though, she did have very four important takeaways from this version of the story — perhaps a memoir will offer the full full story! “I’m grateful I’m alive and not missing,” she wrote. We imagine her parents feel the same way.

“I’m hopeful the bear survived after running into the forest,” she continued. And, “I’m sorry that my parents had to endure that horrible 24 hours.”

But perhaps the most important takeaway from the whole thing for the reality star: “I definitely never talked to that girl again.”

You can check out the whole sordid saga in Bekah’s own words and pictures below:

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