Beer lovers can now buy a Guinness Tap for a perfectly poured pint at home

For a lot of people, there is not much better than a nice pint of Guinness of an evening or on a weekend.

Many enjoy its rich, smooth texture and creamy head after purchasing a pint in the pub.

However, it has to be said, that it's not quite the same from a can while sat at home.

But what would you say if we said you can now experience the same perfectly poured pint from home?

If that sounds good, then you'll be pleased to know that Guinness is offering fans the chance to pour 'beautiful, fresh tasting Guinness Draught' on tap from the comfort of their homes for the very first time.

The beer company has launched a special Microdraught tap just in time for Christmas.

The Guinness Microdraught has been available in many pubs, restaurants and bars since earlier this year.

However, now the same 'cutting-edge technology' will be available for domestic drinkers.

Guinness says: "Ideal for home-bars and kitchens, the process of pouring a glass with the Guinness MICRODRAUGHT Tap is seamless, meaning the iconic drink is perfectly poured and ready to enjoy.

"Using a unique, chilled MICRODRAUGHT can, users are guided by the advanced technology to perform the perfect two-part pour; with the iconic surge and settle resulting in a cold, smooth Guinness."

The Guinness Microdraught will be available to buy from Monday December 6th.

However, it doesn't come cheap at a costly £750.

If you're willing to pay that for a perfectly poured Guinness at home though, then fill your boots!

If you buy a Guinness tap, you also get four Microdraught cans and two Guinness branded pint glasses too, which does make the price a tiny bit more attractive.

The 'pioneering' Microdraught dispense technology took two years to develop and is the 'biggest dispense innovation since the launch of the widget 30 years ago'.

Guinness claims it bring the 'perfectly domed head' and 'beautiful tasting' dry stout to consumers' homes.

It also says it brings 'new hosting opportunities to drinkers who can now provide guests with a superb serve of the black stuff with a unique sense of theatre'.

Neil Shah, Head of Guinness GB, said: "After two years in development we are incredibly excited to bring our Guinness MICRODRAUGHT technology to homes this Christmas, marking a milestone moment of continued innovation for the brand.

"Guinness MICRODRAUGHT enables people to enjoy a beautiful looking and delicious tasting Draught Guinness on tap in a completely new setting for the first time ever.

"Whether it's to pour the perfect drink at a festive gathering, a Christmas gift for a friend or family member, or simply to enjoy an iconic drink of the black stuff at home with loved ones, Guinness MICRODRAUGHT is sure to be a hit among beer lovers."

Those who want to get their hands on the Guinness Microdraught can register here to find out more ahead of the product's launch next month.

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