Best cake tins to buy in 2021

SHOWS like the Great British Bake Off have really ignited Britain’s passion for baking, with sales of baking goods soaring in response.

But if you’re looking to recreate some of the sweet treats at home, how do you pick the best cake tin?

We’ll explain how to choose the right tin, what size to go for and round up some of the most popular cake tins on the market right now.

What types of cake tins are there?

The most basic cake tins available are round, square or rectangle.

Shallow round tins are known as sandwich tins and these are best for things like Victoria sponge cakes.

Getting a springform one (the ones with a release clasp on the side) or one with a loose bottom will mean it’s slightly easier to turn out your cake at the end. Solid ones can also work well, as long as they have a good non-stick surface and are well-lined and greased.

You can also get deeper round springform tins – these are best for fruitcakes or panetonne.

Square and rectangular cake tins are designed for things like brownies and traybakes, so you can easily portion up the finished result. The exception is for Swiss rolls or similar rolled cakes, where you need a very shallow rectangular tin for a thin sponge.

You can also use loaf tins, which are rectangular and have higher sides, and these work well for things like lemon drizzle cakes.

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