Best Halloween pet costumes you can buy from Amazon, Disney and Walmart

AMAZON, Disney and Walmart are selling Halloween costumes especially for your pets – so they can join in the fancy dress fun too.

Costumes include your classic spooky skeleton and superhero Wonder Woman – but there are also some slightly unique costume choices.

These costumes are available for delivery in the US – but there may be some which do ship to the UK too.

Amazon offers free delivery in the US on orders $25 or more but remember to check costs if buying from a private seller on the site.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, get a quicker delivery and receive your order the next day – you can get unlimited free one-day delivery on all items eligible for Prime delivery.

But it's not just Amazon who know your pets deserve to dress up too – Disney is selling adorable costumes you won't be able to resist.

Turn your pet into your favourite film character this Halloween – and as they're not spooky, you can re-use them multiple times.

Disney is currently offering free shipping on orders of $75 and more with the code SHIPMAGIC – so it's worth stocking up for future fancy dress moments or if you have more than one pet.

Usually, orders up to $25 cost $5.95 to deliver and the shipping charges increase, the larger your order is.

It's always worth checking in store to see what costumes might be there – find your nearest location using the branch finder online and be free of any shipping costs.

Elsewhere, Walmart is selling lots of different pet costumes – including Halloween-themed skeletons and all-year-round Minion dress ups.

Cost of shipping depends on your order and address or alternatively find your nearest Walmart store online.

Bat Wings, Amazon, $9.98

This set of bat wings can fit your dog or cat and turn them into the spooky Halloween animal. The pumpkin bells around the collar means your pet won't give you a fright in their costume.

We searched around and Amazon has done a good deal on selling these bargain bat wings.

UPS Delivery Costume, Amazon, $12.50

This isn't one of the scary Halloween costumes but you can have the cutest UPS delivery pal ever if you dress your pet up in this postman-style costume.

Amazon seems to have the best price – Walmart is selling the same costume for a few dollars more.

Wonder Woman Costume, Amazon, $14.85

These costume is perfect for your dog or cat for Halloween and comes complete with the signature red dress, blue skirt with gold belt and white star and, of course, the iconic headpiece.

We searched around and did find a Wonder Woman dog costume on sale for $12.74 from Party City – but the delivery costs $7.99 so, ultimately, works out more expensive.

Woody Costume, Disney, $22.95-$26.95

Dress up your pet as everyone's favourite cowboy from Toy Story this Halloween – the prices do vary on this costume depending on the size you need to order.

Amazon is selling the exact same costume for between $20.87 and $22.31 – so maybe try there before the Disney store.

Dumbo Costume, Disney, $24.95-$28.95

Another costume whose price depends on size, this classic Dumbo outfit is complete with massive ears and tiny hat – hopefully your pet isn't as easily scared on Halloween.

Amazon keeps scooping Disney on the cheapest price – this Dumbo costume ranges from between $23.99 and $27.49 making it cheaper than Disney's price.

Minnie Mouse Costume, Disney, $26.95-$32.95

This costume is probably more suited to your pet pooch than your feline friend, given it's size but if you have a larger cat, the size small could work – either way it's an adorable outfit and comes in Mickey version too.

This Minnie costume is a lot cheaper if you get it from Amazon – at $18.12-$21.65, you could save yourself almost $10.

EWOK Costume, Walmart, $17.14

Dress your pet up in the cutest character costume from Star Wars for Halloween – your furry friend will look so cuddly in this jacket and helmet outfit – for small pets only.

But save a few dollars by buying the exact same costume from Amazon.

Minions Costume, Walmart, $18.21

This jumpsuit and headpiece costume is perfect for any owner who wanted their own minion when Despicable Me came out – this one is in medium size only.

Amazon is selling the same minion costume for between $11.95 and $23.47 and they have the full range of sizes.

Skeleton Costume, Walmart, $23.15

The spooky costume from Walmart this Halloween – this outfit includes a black top and hood with a glow-in-the-dark bones and skull print.

Exactly the same skeleton costume will allow you to save almost $10 from Amazon – only the XL size is more expensive.


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