Body mod couple slam strangers who say they can’t be good parents

A tattooed couple face judgement from strangers who assume they are bad parents.

Jessica Ferreira, 25, and her partner Victor are branded “ugly” by onlookers when they walk down the street.

The Brazilian pair say the assumptions about their family couldn’t be further from the truth.

They love their three-year-old son Nikolas – who doesn’t care that his parents are covered in ink.

Victor, a 36-year-old body piercer, told Truly : “(Strangers) don’t expect us to be workers or go to the church.

“They don’t expect us to raise our child with a lot of love.”

Jessica, a graphic designer, added: “People never expect to see us as good parents…

“Nikolas, our son, he is only three.

“He looks at us and finds us beautiful.

“If we get a new tattoo he looks at them and says ‘beautiful’.

“He says he wants to get them and I say he can get one when he’s big enough.”

Dad Victor has been modifying his body since he was a teenager.

He revealed: “I started doing my first body alterations at home.

“I was 13 – it was scarification on my back done with a scalpel.

“I haven’t stopped modifying myself ever since. I have almost 70% of my body tattooed.

“Surgical procedures – I’ve done around seven of them.”

He added: “I started with the implants, I got my nipple removed, then my tongue was split.

“Then some nose stretches – they were the most painful, without a doubt.

“The last one was eyeball tattoos – now I’m looking at getting pointy elf ears…

“The criticism from my family was quite harsh.

“They threw me out of the house – I was 13-years-old.”

Even though his family struggled to come to terms with his modifications, Victor’s luck changed when he met Jessica.

The mum is also a big fan of ink – and hopes to get some excruciating procedures done in the future.

She said: “I have 40% of my body tattooed. I want to get at least 80% of my body done.

“I want to get several modifications done – split my tongue, get an eyeball tattoo.

“At least with one eye. Me with one eye and him with both. It will be cool.”

The modified couple set up their own Instagram page in order to dispel stigma that surrounds tattoos.

Jessica said: “We had the idea of creating this profile to educate people.

“We show our day-to-day life with Nikolas.

“Then we started to do a lot of live-streams and we invite other people with modifications too.

“We try to show people that we are the same as anyone else.”

Jessica added: “Let’s hope it changes in the future.

“Everyone else fits a pattern and we don’t.

“We want to be different. We don’t want to look like others. But the difference is only the way we look.

“We are the normal people.”

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