Bodybuilder mortified by fan requests for foot snaps – and sweaty underwear

A super-fit bodybuilder has been left shocked by the outrageous requests she receives from strangers online who fetishise her lean physique.

Bodybuilders are renowned for their dedication to honing their physique, but recently these fitness junkies have also been targeted by fans who fetishise their muscular frames online.

Nicole Sullivan, who competes in figure contests under the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), has found herself on the receiving end of some examples of these unusual requests.

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Speaking in an interview on the Seriousness and Silliness podcast, Nicole revealed that her feet that are often the object of strangers’ attention online.

“You don’t even want to know the type of stuff that I get in my DMs, it’s mind blowing,” she laughed.

“I did one of those anonymous question things and I got so many people asking for feet pictures, it was insane. I always knew that some people had a thing for feet but I didn’t realise it was that big of a thing.”

In fact, Nicole admitted that she had even taken advantage of the public appetite for bodybuilders’ personalised content.

“I literally posted that I was going to sell feet pics, and it popped off. I made $300 (about £250) in a day on feet pictures,” she recalled.

“I literally just took pictures of my feet in different places; in the sand, up on the dashboard, whatever.

“Actually yesterday I had somebody messaging me because I haven’t really posted about it, and he was like, ‘hey are you still offering the feet pics’ and I was like, ‘yeah’, and made a quick hundred bucks.”

Later on, Nicole remembered, the same man had even requested that she film a foot domination and humiliation video.

The man described how this would entail the bodybuilder being mean to him before telling him that he worshipped her feet.

Nicole admitted that she hadn’t accepted the bizarre request and asked: “So here’s my question, how much would I charge for this?

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“The fact that people are comfortable enough to DM random people, it’s one thing if you’re behind closed doors with your significant other, do you, be as weird as you want, but you’re going to just message me and say this kind of stuff? It’s kind of crazy.”

“I’ve had people say, ‘can you just mail me your sweaty socks or your sweaty underwear?’ I didn’t do it but I’ve had requests.”

Earlier on in the podcast episode, Nicole delved into the darker subject of her difficult upbringing, revealing that she had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction issues before becoming a professional athlete.


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