Bonkers video showing how to make eggs bigger sends internet into meltdown

The video is in the vein of a ‘How to’ social video, but we can guarantee this is unlike any other one seen before.

It begins with a white egg being placed in a wine glass before vinegar is poured over it.

According to the text banner, the egg is left for a day in the liquid and, once removed, appears “bigger than before”.

The hard shell also seems to have softened and has turned rubbery.

But the life-changing footage doesn’t stop there.

Next, the cameraman plops the egg in a different glass and covers it in maple syrup.

They supposedly leave it in there for a day before putting it in a third glass and filling it with water and blue dye.

After another day, they lift the now-blue egg out and reveal it to be even bigger than before.

The clip was originally posted by Facebook page 5-minute craft but has gone viral on Twitter after being uploaded by @chipspopandabar yesterday.

More than 1.9million users have had their world turned upside down by the clip.

“Erm, I’m sorry but what the f***?” one astounded viewer wrote.

Another commented: “I don’t understand why but this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.”

And a third added: “Ridiculous waste of time and yes I’m trying it.

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