Bride devastated after fiancé dumps her for younger sister – then marries her

A woman has been left devastated after her fiancé dumped her for her younger sister.

Things didn't just end there either as the woman's mum admitted she was attending their wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the bride's mum shared the story and asked whether she was in the wrong for attending the nuptials.

She explained that her youngest, 28, was marrying her eldest daughter's ex-fiancé.

The mum wrote: "Jennifer is mad at me because I'm going to Hayleigh's wedding.

"She says that, 'I'm condoning her bad sister's behaviour as always', but that's simply not true."

And she explained that her eldest called off the wedding because her youngest had been dating the groom.

The mum explained: "I asked her to rethink the relationship.

"Not only for her sister's sake, but also because 'if he could do it once, he could do it twice' & I didn't want her to get hurt.

"She reassured me that wasn't the case – that they were meant for each other & had known this for a long time, so I left it at that."

She also said the groom was apologetic and assured her his feelings were true and the pair continued to date for over a year.

But while the mum had made peace with her youngest's decision, her husband was in full support of their eldest.

She added: "He's disgusted with the whole situation & doesn't want anything to do with it.

"At one point he announced that he wouldn't be giving (the groom) his blessing or walking (the bride) down the aisle.

"I don't like the situation anymore than my husband or my eldest do, but they don't understand ignoring doesn't make it go away."

The mum said her eldest had been jumping from "relationship to relationship" and urged her to forgive her sister.

"I told her that she had to learn to let go of certain things in the past in order to move forward," she wrote.

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She added: "I offered to put her on a three-way call with her sister, but she declined. She gave me an ultimatum.

"She said 'if I go to the wedding it means (her sister) was my favourite child all along and that she'll never speak to me again.

"I told her that I'm going to the wedding, just as I would've gone to hers if she was in that situation."

Fellow Reddit users were left outraged by the mum's confession, with many calling her an "a**hole".

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One said: "Sounds like her accusations absolutely have merit and you likely do favour your youngest.

"Don't be surprised if you lose her relationship for good."

Another wrote: "You don't actually care about your older daughter, at all. You don't want her to be at peace.

"You just want her to take all of this lying down so you can play happy family again as soon as possible."

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