Brit grates cheese on top of roast dinner and people think its a cry for help

Brits love their food – especially a Sunday roast.

As a nation of foodies, the dinner served at the end of the week is one that has a special place in their hearts.

And that means anything added to the traditional dish other than the usual trimmings is looked down upon with great offence.

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So it is no surprise that this lad received one hell of a backlash when he grated some cheese on his chicken dinner.

Yes, you read that right.

The British favourite caused quite the stir when paired with the roast – and they really did not hold back on the cheddar.

Mortified that her boyfriend would do such a thing, a mum-to-be took to Reddit to look for answers.

"Can someone tell my why my boyfriend put CHEESE on his Sunday roast?!" she wrote as she posted a picture of the cheese and gravy topped veg, Yorkshire pud and chicken.

It wasn't long until the those on the Casual UK subreddit found themselves upon the alternative tea – and they had very strong thoughts…

One person mocked: "It’s clearly a cry for help."

Another user suggested: "There are ways to add cheese to a roast.

"I’ll often have either cheesy leeks or cauliflower cheese with a roast."

While a third slammed: "I'd say the cheese actually improved this one somehow."

Someone else wrote: "I respect you for standing by him through this obviously deeply troubled time he's going through."

Meanwhile, a fifth chuckled: "He's pregnant!"

It turns out that he isn't expecting but his girlfriend is, she wrote: "Haha no but I am! I should be the one doing weird s*** like this!"

Let us know in the comments what you think about the cheese coated Sunday roast – would you try it?


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