Brooke Hogan Has a New Single Coming — And She Just Leaked It Herself

Brooke wasn’t planning to play a clip from her unreleased track “Better,” slated for a Halloween release.

Brooke Hogan is preparing to drop some new music for the first time in years, and fans got a surprise sneak peek of it that even the reality star wasn’t expecting.

While appearing on the “Hollywood Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn,” the daughter of Hulk Hogan shared that she’s going to be releasing a combination of new music and really old throwback jams from her teenage years.

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“Starting Halloween, we’re going to start pushing out some new music,” she said. “I am going to release a little bit of my old stuff. Just because way, way, way, way, way back, I was actually with Lou Pearlman in Orlando, Florida when I was 13 years old and that was the boyband era, right? And we had made a whole album, a really good album too.”

“When he went to jail and all of his stuff got seized — back in the day it was physical hard drives that looked like VHS tapes and plastic CDs and just everything got seized and auctioned off. So this album that I was going to come out with, this label that I was signed to just went poof in the thin air.”

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Hogan said she had no legal recourse even at the time. “It’s just gone. There’s nobody to come after. It’s just out of nowhere, just gone,” she explained.

But just because everything disappeared, Hogan says her fans have still wanted to hear this music that she created as a kid. She also said she has some pure pop music she created, and feels still holds up.

So she’s looking at a combination of some old-school jams “that I still think are really good songs that I think would be fun to put out,” as well as “a ton of new music that I’ve done in between this crazy decorating crap that I’ve been doing.”

To catch a sneak peak of her new track, jump to 47:30 in the podcast above!

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