Can you exercise with a friend?

Matt Hancock warns that exercise rules might be tightened

Lockdown three came into effect earlier this month just as children started returning to school and the rest of the country slipped back into a regular working schedule. The new rules, placed weeks after SAGE recommended them, reflect others mandated in March to keep people indoors and drive infections levels down. But, much like March, confusion remains over what people can and cannot do.

Can you exercise with a friend?

Exercise is one of few exemptions the Government has provided for leaving home.

Going for a run, walk or another form of exercise is permitted once a day, as it was in March.

Exercise with a friend could provide many people with a much-needed opportunity for socialising and associated mental health benefits.

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Thankfully, the Government has provided provisions for people to exercise with someone else.

They can choose from several groups to exercise with if they prefer company.

The Government also allows people to join friends or loved ones across a range of sports.

But some won’t be possible due to a range of venue closures.

People can exercise in an outdoor place:

  • Alone
  • With people they live with
  • With their support bubble
  • In a childcare bubble for providing care
  • When alone, with one person from another household

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The Government has also supplied further exemptions for carers.

Children under five and a maximum of two carers for someone with a disability requiring continuous care do not count towards gathering limits.

But they advise anyone gathering for exercise to make sure they still socially distance.

People must keep at least two metres apart from people not in their household or support bubble.

In situations where this isn’t possible, people need to wear a mask or take other precautions.

The rules apply across exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, walking and more.

But people can rule out several leisure sports such as golf or tennis due to restrictions.

The Government has closed golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools during the latest lockdown.

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