Car Elevators & Dog Mansions: 8 Extravagant Amenities Found In Celebrity Homes

We all know celebrity homes have that wow factor from the outside, are filled with more bedrooms and bathrooms than we can count, and house some crazy expensive art.

But what’s beyond the sometimes insane number of rooms, private movie theaters and personal spas? Here are some wildly extravagant amenities that celebrities have in their homes.

8 Health & Environmentally Green Amenities: Leonardo DiCaprio

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There’s staying healthy and then there’s staying Leonardo DiCaprio healthy. The A-lister owns three places in Manhattan and in his two bedroom pad, according to Goliath, you can find showers infused with vitamin C and air and water that is, of course, completely purified. When Leo’s in the mood for juice he can just hit up his personal juicing station as he inhales the aromatherapy air that filters through his apartment. He also installed ultraviolet lighting to kill off any dangerous airborne microbes. The floors of the apartment are not just floors – they help you maintain good posture while offering heat reflexology. If you keep up with Leo, you know that he supports a ton of environmental causes. So naturally he incorporated a lot of ‘green’ elements to his homes. Not only does he live in buildings that are designed to be environmentally sound, but, according to Hello Magazine, everything in his homes is made with environmentally safe substances.

7 A Car Elevator: Nicole Kidman

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An elevator in a celebrity home or apartment is nothing out of the ordinary, but an elevator specifically for a car is definitely a whole other level. But it’s completely the norm for Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban. Their $10 million, 3,248 square foot apartment in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood makes it incredibly easy to avoid paparazzi and fans – just drive into the elevator directly from the street and ride right up to the apartment.

6 An Ultra Luxurious Mattress: Drake

We all like to be comfortable when we sleep, but perhaps we wouldn’t pay as much for comfort as Drake did. He has a mattress, the Grand Vividus, which took a Swedish company 600 hours to make, according to Business Insider. It’s made of a combination of compressed leather, polished wood, suede, horsehair and stingray skin. Add in it’s handwoven textiles and you’re looking at a $390,000 mattress. Sweet dreams, Drake.

5 A Private Observatory: Ron Howard

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Ron Howard owned his Greenwich, Connecticut home for 20 years. According to RealEstate it sold in 2014 for $27.5 million dollars. In addition to amazing lake views, six bedrooms, 32 acres of land, an indoor saltwater pool, a two-story library, a billiard room, an indoor tennis court, a yoga studio and a 14-seat movie theater, the home also has its very own observatory complete with a Meade telescope, which is what the professionals use.

4 A Closet Big Enough For 500 Pairs of Shoes: DJ Khaled

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Perhaps DJ Khaled has his fair share of things to worry about, but finding a place for his shoes probably isn’t one of them. According to Business Insider, he spent $2.5 million on renovations to his pad in Miami. Those renovations included things like a boat lift and 14 karat gold chandeliers. It also included a closet that fits 500 pairs of shoes. As you can imagine, this is floor to ceiling storage so of course there is a library style rolling ladder to reach the footwear that’s at the very top.

3 A Dog Mansion: Paris Hilton

Now here’s one dog house we wouldn’t mind having to spend the night in. Paris Hilton decided to buy a $325,000 mansion just for her dogs. The multi-level dog mansion, which is located in Paris’ garden, is identical to her own beautiful mansion. And these dogs are living quite the luxurious lifestyle – we’re talking designer furniture, heating and air conditioning, their own full wardrobe and a decorative chandelier, according to Goliath. As Paris would say, that’s hot.

2 A Trampoline Room: Bill Gates

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Bill Gates calls his Medina, Washington mansion Xanadu 2.0 and you know any home that has a name is going to make you say “wow”. As reported by Business Insider, Xanadu 2.0 has 18.75 bathrooms and six separate kitchens (five just wasn’t quite enough). On top of that, the pool has an underwater music system, there’s a reception hall and, of course, a home theater. There’s also a 2,500-square foot gym complete with 20-foot high ceilings and a trampoline room. Yes, that’s a room designed specifically for a trampoline.

1 A Bed That’s 30 feet: Shaquille O’Neal

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Sure, basketball players are tall, but are they really “I need a bed that’s 30 feet” tall? Shaquille O’Neal, who is 7’1″, certainly is. Shaq’s Orlando mansion is impressive in and of itself . According to Goliath, it has 11 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, an indoor basketball court and an expansive collection of vintage cars. Shaq also has a custom made bed that is 30 feet wide. While it can’t be easy to find sheets, we certainly hope Shaq is able to get nice and cozy.

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