Carer spots X-rated detail on Costa coffee cup while watching Christmas advert

Costa coffee has left a woman in stitches over its questionable Christmas cup design.

The coffee chain has wrapped its iconic red coloured cups with novelty seasonal characters – including a very cheeky gingerbread man.

Innocently placed on the cup, the biscuity character's arm looks more naughty than nice.

Eagle-eyed Claire Fletcher spotted the phallic surprise in between the ad breaks for the Great British Bake Off.

The carer, 38, quickly paused the TV as her partner Trevor Brown popped to get a drink.

As Trevor came back in, the pair were left in fits of giggles at the phallic shaped gingerbread man.

Even naughtier, Claire questioned the placement of the ‘s’ as it sits next to the gingerbread man’s arm.

Looking like the gingerbread man was engaging in, well, an explicit sex act.

Not wanting to keep the hilarious discovery to herself, Claire snapped a picture of the screen to share the X-rated gingerbread with her friends on Facebook to see if they could spot it too.

Claire, from West Yorkshire, said: “We spotted it at the same time and both laughed. I said ‘that’s obviously a penis’ and both wondered if the placement was on purpose because of the position of the cup and the ‘s’.

“It looks like the gingerbread man had a happy ending. I took a photo of the screen to share on Facebook to see if anyone else spotted it.”

The carer admitted: “I laughed longer than he did because I’m a child with stuff like that.

“I think Paul and Prue would find it funny.

“It made me look at the Christmas Costa cups in a new light, I will always see a penis.”

Looks like the gingerbread man needs to get a room to himself!

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