Chinese medicine expert reveals NATURAL alternative to Ozempic

The all-NATURAL ‘alternative’ to celebrity weight loss drug Ozempic: Chinese medicine expert reveals how ‘miracle’ herb can help you shed pounds and burn fat with ‘NO negative side effects’

  • TikTok user The Eastern Philosophy has offered up a natural alternative to weight loss drug Ozempic, which she claims has ‘no negative side effects’
  • The small business owner that the natural alternative is said to promote better heart health and digestion
  • She explained that it significantly helps to reduce body fat 
  • Ozempic is a type 2 diabetes treatment that’s used off-label as a weight loss drug
  • Many celebrities including Elon Musk, Jeremy Clarkson and Remi Bader have spoken out about their experience using the fat-burning bullet  

A traditional Chinese medicine expert has offered up what she says is a natural alternative to weight loss drug Ozempic, while claiming that the centuries-old remedy has ‘no negative side effects’. 

The Eastern Philosophy, an Asian-owned small business that specializes in herbal medicines, frequently shares educational videos about health on TikTok, including a recent video that has showcased Hawthorn Combo supplements, which are said to reduce fat and be an ‘approved treatment in Germany for heart failure.’ 

In a video, which has amassed over 15,000 views, the small business owner suggested the herb was a ‘delicious’ alternative to the drug, adding that it significantly helps to reduce ‘body weight and fat build-up.’ 

The Eastern Philosophy has offered up a natural alternative to weight loss drug Ozempic, which she claims has ‘no negative side effects’

The small business owner that the natural alternative is said to promote better heart health and digestion

Ozempic is a type 2 diabetes treatment that is used off-label as a weight loss drug

‘If you want a natural alternative to Ozempic, check out this herb. It’s been shown in studies to reduce fat, body weight, and cholesterol, and it has several thousand years of use in traditional Chinese medicine,’ the owner said before adding that it was also known as ‘Shanzha’ and ‘Crataegus.’ 

She went on to explain that one study dubbed it a ‘miracle herb and an anti-obesity agent.’ 

The small business owner said another study claimed that those who consumed Hawthorn extract had ‘significantly lower body weights and decreased adipose tissue.’ 

And unlike the weight loss drug – which is known to have many side effects including low blood sugar, upset stomachs, heartburn, burping, gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, stomach flu symptoms, headaches, dizziness, tiredness – she said this herb ‘has no negative side effects’ and instead, has ‘positive side effects.’ 

The owner of The Eastern Philosophy explained that the natural alternative helps promote ‘better heart health and digestion.’ 

She added that it is an ‘approved treatment in Germany for stage II heart failure.’ 

And if you have ever had Hawthron candy and may be excited to satisfy your sweet tooth while reducing your body weight, the small business owner noted that while delicious, Hawthorn candy is ‘not medicinal.’ 

She explained that it significantly helps to reduce body fat, but not when it is in its candy form 

The small business owner added that is has been approved as a treatment in Germany for heart failure

A weight loss herb that’s also an approved treatment for heart failure in Germany! We stock hawthorn extract on our site under Hawthorn Combo 🍒 One of the most popular street foods in China is Tang Hulu—hawthorn dipped in liquid sugar which hardens into a crunchy candy shell. Recently, I was able to get my hands on fresh hawthorn for the first time ever in the US and made some improvised Tang Hulu and hawthorn paste—don’t make it this way as it didn’t turn out pretty! This tangy fruit is not only delicious—it also has fat-burning, cholesterol lowering, blood sugar-lowering, and heart-strengthening properties. Hawthorn is a popular snack, but it’s also a well-known herb in traditional Chinese medicine and increasingly in Western medicine. Studies show that in animals fed high-fat diets, hawthorn extract significantly reduced body weight and fat build-up. Sugar taken from hawthorn also promoted the growth of obesity-fighting gut bacteria, suggesting its potential as a weight-loss prebiotic. Hawthorn is also used in Western medicine for heart failure, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat—in Germany, hawthorn extract is an approved prescription medication for chronic heart failure. It is also used to treat both low blood pressure and high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), and high cholesterol. Studies also show that hawthorn can increase coronary artery blood flow and improve circulation. It’s also considered one of the best herbs for grief. A review of 29 studies comprising more than 5,500 people found that hawthorn was safe and had no side effects. Hawthorn is one of our best-selling supplements and we just sold out of our single-herb Hawthorn Extract! Our popular Hawthorn Combo is in stock, which is made in USA and contains hawthorn extract, as well as prized herbs including He Shou Wu (anti-aging, hair growing) and San Qi (improve circulation and cardiovascular health). While hawthorn candies and snacks are delicious, they are not considered medicinal due to their high sugar content. . . . #holistichealth #chinesemedicine #tcm #herbalmedicine #weightloss #fatloss #weightlossjourney #hearthealth #asianfood #chinesecooking #tanghulu #ozempic

According to the owner, the best way to reap the benefits of the herb is by taking a Hawthorn extract supplement. 

The company sells the supplement on its website for just $10.25. 

Both Ozempic and its sister drug Wegovy have been hailed as magic bullets for obesity and their ability to melt fat away within a matter of weeks. 

Ozempic was first approved by the FDA as a medication for type 2 diabetes in 2017, while Wegovy was approved by the FDA as a weight management treatment in 2021. 

The drugs have taken the world by storm since they came out, with both celebrities and patients gushing over its ability to decrease fat. 

Everyone from Hollywood stars to tech moguls are turning to the injectable drug to stay slim, with Elon Musk (seen in August 2022) crediting the drug in October for his recent weight loss

Influencer Remi Bader has detailed how she gained ‘double the weight back’ and grappled with binge eating again after getting off the ‘trendy’ new diet drug

Ozempic is a type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes drug that uses the active ingredient semaglutide.

It is also popularly used off-label because of its strong weight loss properties.

It is to be injected into a person’s, arm, thing or stomach to help regulate their blood sugar and suppress appetite. 

The drug has reportedly become popular among celebrities because of its intense weight loss effects.

It is a GLP-1 receptor that causes the pancreas to release insulin – the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar.

The drug also slows down food exiting the stomach, decreasing a person’s appetite. 

Studies have found that GLP-1s are highly affective weight loss tools.

In a 2021 study, patients who used  semaglutide dropped 14 per cent of their weight over a 68 week period, compared to only two per cent weight loss among those who used a placebo

It’s injected into the stomach, thigh or arm and helps to suppress a person’s appetite – making it an an easy and quick solution to weight loss. 

Ozempic has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for type two diabetes treatment, which means its use as a weight loss drug is off-label. 

The treatment totals around $950 a month, but since its weight loss effects are off-label, insurance is unlikely to cover the cost. 

Despite the price, the treatment has gained extreme popularity causing the FDA adding both Ozempic and Wegovy to its drug shortage list, making it more difficult for those struggling with diabetes to receive treatment. 

Celebrities have also gushed over the drug, with tech mogul Elon Musk crediting the miracle fat-burning bullet for his body transformation and actor Jeremy Clarkson also claiming he used the drug. 

TikTok star Remi Bader, 27, has been transparent about her use with the drug and detailed how she ‘gained double the weight’ and struggled with binge eating  after stopping the treatment. 

She described her struggles getting off the medication after a doctor instructed her to begin taking it for ‘actual health issues’ in an interview with Amanda Hirsch on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

Bader, who sought treatment for binge eating disorder last year, claimed her binging ‘got so much worse’ after she stopped taking the diabetes drug Ozempic.

And since the drug has seen so many shortages, celebrities are dropping as much as $1,500 a month on the fat-buster, making it near impossible for those to receive the treatment they desperately need. 

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