Chrishell Stause's Complete Dating History

"I obviously really truly love him and it's unfortunate the way that everything happened."

Chrishell Stause’s love life was making headlines long before she ever joined the cast of “Selling Sunset.” The soap star-turned-realtor has been a part of some high-profile romances, dating back to the early 2000s. At one point, Chrishell was even considered for a starring role on “The Bachelorette.”

From Matthew Morrison to Justin Hartley, Chrishell’s personal life has been filled with some ups and downs in the romance department. But she says the whole thing has made her a stronger person and after one of her most recent breakups, she says she feels more empowered than ever!

Get an inside look at all of Chrishell’s romances below…

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Matthew Morrison

Early on in her career in Hollywood, Chrishell dated Matthew Morrison. The duo met in 2006 and dated for a year before Matthew popped the question. Unfortunately, the couple never made it down the aisle as Matthew broke off the engagement. He later admitted that he hadn’t proposed for the “right reasons” and had only done it because he felt “under pressure from society.”

“I was thinking, ‘This is the age when I should probably start having kids, so this is what I should do.’ But after I did it, I immediately felt in my heart it wasn’t right. My instant thought was ‘What did you just do?’ We talked and decided to break off the engagement…It was messed up…I’d made this massive decision; I’d promised this girl a life together and I couldn’t follow through. It was awful. All I could do was hold up my hands and be like, ‘I’m the asshole,'” Matthew told Cosmopolitan, per Us Weekly.

Years after the split, Chrishell shared her own thoughts about the relationship, admitting on “Selling Sunset” that if she had “ended up with the person [she] was with at 25, [she] would want to kill [herself].” She didn’t stop there though and even called Matthew a “dick.”

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Graham Bunn

After Chrishell’s split with Matthew, she connected with professional basketball player Graham Bunn. The duo dated for a short time before Chrishell was approached to star on “The Bachelorette” and they parted ways. Although she didn’t end up taking the lead, Graham later signed up for the show — reportedly to try and win back Chrishell if she had become the Bachelorette. The role ended up going to DeAnna Pappas and Graham spent time competing for her heart before being sent home.

When Graham returned, he reconnected with Chrishell during a night out with friends where he says “sparks flew.” The couple went on to date for two years before ultimately calling it quits.

“She taught me a lot and I’m proud of her and I’m proud of her to this day. She seems happy…I think she’s doing great,” Graham recently said on the “Click Bait With Bachelor Nation” podcast.

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Justin Hartley

In 2013, Chrishell began dating Justin Hartley after being set up by a mutual friend. The couple had known each other early on in their careers as soap stars but didn’t connect romantically until being set up. The duo got engaged three years later and in October of 2017, they made things official and tied the knot.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for the couple as Justin filed for divorce in November of 2019. Chrishell later revealed that Justin blindsided her, letting her know about their split via text message. He reportedly reached out to tell he had filed the divorce paperwork just 45 minutes before the news became public.

“I obviously really truly love him and it’s unfortunate the way that everything happened and the timing of everything, because I still had a month to go of shooting the show when this all went down. Hopefully we can get to a place where one day we will look back at this and laugh, I don’t know…hopefully. It’s very unfortunate and relationships are hard,” Chrishell told Entertainment Tonight.

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Keo Motsepe

The year after Chrishell’s split from Justin, she met professional dancer Keo Motsepe while competing on “Dancing With The Stars.” The couple kept things strictly professional for the duration of the season but things later took a romantic turn. In December of 2020, the couple went public with their romance and made things Instagram official.

They spent the holidays together and Chrishell even introduced Keo to her family. But shortly after celebrating Valentine’s Day together, the duo called it quits. In Chrishell’s memoir, “Under Construction,” she compared the romance to her relationship with Justin, going as far as to call Keo a “love bomber.”

“I did fall for another love bomber not long after my divorce, and we were quickly heading toward real commitment. He was a tall dancer, and he started off as this amazing, positive, generous guy. I took him home for Christmas to meet my family. After the honeymoon phase, though, things took a turn. This time, instead of making excuses for his behavior, I actually opened my eyes, pushed past the smoke and mirrors, and saw the truth,” Chrishell wrote.

She noted that after the breakup, she actually felt “empowered” and “strong” knowing that she had done what was right for her.

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Jason Oppenheim

In July of 2021, Chrishell went public with Jason Oppenheim, the CEO of the real estate agency where she works. The couple had known each other since 2018 when Chrishell began working at the “Selling Sunset” firm and were friends before things turned romantic. The couple made many public appearances together over the next six months but just before Christmas, Chrishell and Jason called it quits.

In a public statement on Instagram, Chrishell explained that the duo was on different pages when it came to things regarding a future family.

“I have tried to embrace the world I have found myself in and that includes being open and honest about my relationships. It felt scary and terrifying knowing that it may not end in what society deems a success and what I am ultimately looking for. But after many long heartfelt talks, I am choosing to see it as a success no matter what label is attached to it publicly. Jason was and is my best friend, and other than our ideas for family ultimately not being aligned, the amount of respect and love we have for each other will not change going forward,” Chrishell wrote on Instagram.

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