Daily horoscope for January 17: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Sunday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by Squares between Jupiter and Uranus. A Square is an aspect reflecting the tensions, obstacles and challenges occurring in your life at this time.

Astrologers consequently advise many of us will consequently feel more than ready to shake things up a notch on Sunday.

Some suspect the best bet might be to simply turn things upside down and see what results this weekend.

The question is, do you dare risk every for a commensurately impressive reward?

Many may feel more-than ready to roll the dice today as this year has in all likelihood felt rather underwhelming so far.

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But the good news is more exciting times are fast approaching, so make sure you are ready for the challenge.

The consensus among the astrologically inclined is how a Square between the gas giant Jupiter and ringed planet Saturn can supply a certain recklessness in the air.

Uranus, associated as being astrology’s rebel, is mounting an insurrection and Jupiter is thought more than happy to fan the flames.

However Saturn is up next, in the months of February, June and December 2021.

And although this planet will attempt to push-back, Uranus almost always wins.

But sometimes things get so horribly stuck only an extreme act can actually untangle them.

And this is what this pre-spring season is all about.

Everyone deserves a moment of great self-indulgence once in a while.

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Such a pivotal moment will only linger for a short while, so enjoy yourself while you can.

The Moon in star sign Pisces is also in play during the day.

This cosmic combination is commonly perceived as a cloud-walker but it is unclear it can, so why not put this to the test today?

The Pisces Moon travels from Neptune to Pluto in the hours approaching midnight, weaving a magic spell thought to dramatically reveal desire.

Expect to unearth some intriguing secrets as the day starts to draw to an end.

Sunday’s second Square between the Moon and the Lunar Nodes should present a crossroad for some.

This evening is therefore a time to stop taking things on faith and check the facts.

And with such a sweet taste of freedom on your lips, few can blame you.

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