Daily horoscope for November 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Saturday’s horoscope sees the Moon remaining in the fun-loving star sign Leo. And astrologers think this marriage will bring much-needed relief to your weekend.

This auspicious union will likely allow people to loosen up a little this Saturday.

Many people may feel able at long last to let their hair down and relax during the day.

The Leo Moon is well known in certain circles as the heart and soul of the party.

As a result, Saturday may be an ideal occasion to throw a party – as long as the event obeys strict social distancing rules.

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But today’s Leo Moon will be beaming good vibes, ensuring you are having fun, regardless of what you do today.

The Red Planet Mars has been Retrograde for most of the past seven days.

You can consequently allow yourself some time off as there is – in truth – little else for you to be getting on with.

People can consequently expect the arrival of an influx of energy at this time.

But your best bet, for now, is to simply kick-back and enjoy the Moon in Leo and the easy-going pleasures on offer.

Even to the most politically oblivious, the last few days have probably been difficult and dark.

But the fightback starts this Saturday, meaning it is time to have some fun.

Messenger planet Mercury is still Direct in the skies, meaning reality may initially continue to bite.

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However, it is all done soon enough, so remember, what is done is done.

Armed with this new-found knowledge, you are ready to forget all that and enjoy your well-earned weekend.

This Moon also forms a Trine with rogue space rock Chiron in Aries today.

Trines are aspects occurring when a pair of celestial bodies are roughly 120 degrees apart.

This means you should feel a little more at ease about putting your empathy on display.

And if this means your flaws are also on show, do not be ashamed.

Many folk may feel you are all the more relatable and endearing because of them.

It could be a good idea to understand which star signs love and what they hate in a relationship.

Uranus in Taurus is next up, Squaring the Leo Moon and potentially stirring-up a little trouble.

And although tonight’s Square may spice things up a touch, just go with the flow, as it may only add to the fun this Saturday night.

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