Daily horoscope for October 15: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The Moon has entered Libra in today’s horoscope, meaning it occupies the same sign as the Sun. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and represents on the three Air signs. Libra is said to be a gentle and diplomatic influence that tends to avoid conflict at all costs.

People with a strong Libra influence in their life are said to seak out harmony in chaos, and enjoy the company of others.

On the downside, Libra has a strong aversion to confrontations and violence.

And with the Sun and Moon in conjunction today, this means a darkened New Moon has taken over the skies.

Astrologer Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers believes this means one thing: you are entering a romantic element.

And this is very clear when you realise today is Sting’s birthday.

Ms Silverman said: “So Thursday and Friday you’re into the romantic element, and everyone falls in love with him.

“Why? Because Libra has the charm, they have the beauty, they have the quality where you feel like you’re drawn to them because there’s something about the way they’re dressed, about the way they move, about the tone of their voice that attracts you, that brings you closer to them.”

Another heavenly aspect to consider today is a T-Square that has been here all through October.

You are looking at six planets in Cardinal – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

When the Sun and Moon are right next to each other, Ms Silverman said they are across from Mars in Aries.

These three are then squared at a 90-degree angle by three planets in Capricorn.

Together, the alignment forms a T shape or T-Square in the heavens, which some say can be overcome through will power alone.

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Ms Silverman said: “So we’ve got this incredibly intense Cardinal energy and when it’s double Libra – the challenge the don’t tell you about Libra is they’re fixated on relationship – double Libra is a dark sky.”

The astrologer thinks now is the time to head inside and for one good reason.

Because although you might be tempted to focus on your romantic endeavours, the most important relationship to consider is the one you have with yourself.

So if you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed with your romantic life, there is a good chance the Libra conjunction will see you complaining more than usual.

So use this opportunity to explore more artistic endeavours, whether that be in creative outlets or the way you dress, if the negativity surfaces.

Ms Silverman added: “The exact opposition between the Sun and the Moon and Mars, that’s a lot of chi that could get feisty or it could turn into art.

“And that’s the whole theme that I saw with Sting.

“He used his sadness to make beautiful music. What are you using your sadness for?”

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