DEAL OF THE DAY: Aldi launches wine advent calendar with 24 bottles

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Aldi’s festive offerings include luxurious food, wine, hampers and advent calendars, many of which are already available in store and online.

Aldi launches wine advent calendar

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Aldi’s wine advent calendar is filled with 24 wines, including a mixture of mini reds, whites and roses, ideal for a festive tipple, or for splitting up into small gifts for friends or family.

Aldi’s known for its wide variety of affordable products, including groceries, Christmas gifts and the ever-growing Specialbuys aisle and online section.

With just over four weeks to go until the beginning of December, many are looking upgrade from the traditional chocolate advent calendar and invest in a more exciting option.

Aldi has a number of calendars being released over the next month, and the Wine Advent Calendar is always a favourite with shoppers.

The calendar is £59.99 and features 24 wines, one for each day of the run up to Christmas.

Buy: Wine Advent Calendar (£59.99)

The design of the calendar is festive, with a Christmas scene that will help add a touch of Christmas decor from the 1st of December.

With an exciting surprise to reveal each day, the doors are numbered 1 to 24 and can be simply pushed open, to reveal mini bottles of red, white and rose wines.

Some of the wines included are:

· JP. Chanet Original Dry Rose

· Brut d’Argent Chardonnay

· Calvert Reserve Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

· JP. Chanet Original Cabernet Syrah

· Calvert Limited Release Merlot

· Calvert Syrah

· JP. Chanet Original Grenache Cinsault

· Just Sauvignon Blanc

· Just Pinot Grigio

While the advent calendar would make a great personal treat, it would also make a lovely gift for a friend, and is a good way to discover a variety of Aldi’s wines and find new favourites.

The included wines are a mixture, including Sauvignon Blancs, Merlots and Pinot Grigios plus many more.

The wines are an online exclusive, and they are often very popular and can sell out quite quickly.

The wine advent calendar is ideal for wine lovers, and shoppers should also keep an eye out for the other calendars coming soon to Aldi’s website, including a beer advent calendar and a gin advent calendar.

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