Do Camilla Parker Bowles’s Children Have Royal Titles?

Camilla Parker Bowles has been a part of the royal family for decades now, though not always in an official sense. She was in a relationship with Prince Charles for many years — including during his marriage with Princess Diana — before marrying in 2005. Even though she had officially ascended to the ranks of a royal family member, this was not exactly the case for the two children that she had with her ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles. Join us as we dig deep and uncover the truth behind the status and lives of Parker Bowles’ two children.

Who are Camilla Parker Bowles’s children?

Parker Bowles, born Camilla Rosemary Shand, was born in 1947, to a British military family. She reportedly had a happy childhood and was interested in outdoor pursuits, including horseback riding. It was over their mutual love of horses that Parker Bowles and Prince Charles first bonded.

She met her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, in the 60s, and the two dated on and off for some time before getting married in 1973. Several years prior to her marriage to her first husband, Parker Bowles had met Prince Charles. But, due to several factors, they did not seriously start dating for several years.

Parker Bowles’s marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles produced two children: Tom Parker Bowles, born in 1974 and Laura Parker Bowles, born in 1978. In spite of Camilla Parker Bowles’ ongoing relationship with Prince Charles, she stayed married to her first husband for over twenty years. In 1995, they officially divorced, and she was free to continue pursuing her true love: Prince Charles.

What are Camilla Parker Bowles’s children’s titles?

In 2005, Parker Bowles and Prince Charles got married in a civil ceremony. Her marriage into the royal family granted her the title of “Her Royal Highness,” and when Prince Charles ultimately ascends the throne, she will become the princess consort.

However, her children were not granted similar titles. Both Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes — her married name — are private citizens and stay well under the radar, only joining the royal family for special family events throughout the year. Due to the fact that they are not official members of the royal family, neither hold any special royal title. There has been some chatter online that when he becomes king, Prince Charles might grant them some sort of title. But, until that day occurs, it is only speculation.

They are not working royals and do not live on the palace grounds with their mother and stepfather. Still, Tom Parker Bowles and Lopes live lavish lives, regularly rub elbows with celebrities like Mick Jagger and Hugh Grant. Camilla Parker Bowles is also a grandmother: Her son has two children while her daughter has three children. 

Do Camilla Parker Bowles’s children get along with the royal family?

Naturally, many royal fans have wondered about the nature of Parker Bowles’s children’s relationship with the rest of the royal family. Especially their step-siblings, Prince William and Prince Harry. While there hasn’t been any direct confirmation one way or another, it has been reported that the relations between all the step-siblings are quite good. 

Of course, now that all four of the royal step-siblings have children of their own, their lives are busier than ever. But, it is likely that on the rare occasions that the whole family gets together, they have a truly fantastic time.

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