Doctor says not changing pillows every 2 years can lead to dust mite poo buildup

If you think the pillow is the last thing to worry when it comes to personal hygiene, you might want to think again.

NHS doctor Dr Karan Raj, who is known for giving medical advices on TikTok, urged people to change their pillows every two years to avoid sleeping with dust mite droppings.

Detailing the reasons on his account @drkaranr, the doctor said every person shed approximately 4kg of skin each year.

He continues: "Most of that [dead skin] ends up on your bed or your pillow – a feast for microscopic dust mites.

"A single dust mite has about 20 dumps a day, multiply that by the hundreds of dust mites living on your pillow.

"The buildup of dust mite faeces could cause breathing problems and allergy type symptoms."

The expert hinted that the yellow stains marked on the pillow are actually "sweat and oil from your body".

"That moisture can breed mould and other bacteria, so it's best to eliminate them stat," he added.

As well as giving TikTok viewers a health warning, the doctor explained how changing your sleep position can be better for your posture.

To avoid having neck pain or discomfort while sleeping, Dr Karan said there is a way to test if your pillow is still suitable to sleep on.

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The doctor added: "If you can fold your pillow in half and it doesn't spring back, that pillow is dead.

"It is no longer helping to keep your neck and spine in alignment, it's causing neck and shoulder pain."

The medical expert previously mentioned how checking your phone first thing you wake up could impact your ability to learn and solve problems.

He also revealed that surgeons trim patients' pubes in operating theatre in order to proceed the surgery and it usually takes place when the patient is asleep.

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