Drivers left mortified by new Tesco fuel pump change which charges them £120

A new rule change at petrol stations left many Brits seriously confused when filling up their cars.

One man who recently used a Tesco pump was "gobsmacked" after being charged £120, despite filling up £15 worth.

Another motorist noticed the same amount had appeared on her back account which left her fuming.

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All UK petrol stations are to be impacted which sees card companies place a temporary hold on bank accounts.

The changes are being rolled out across the country, reports Manchester Evening News.

According to readers, they've noticed the change at Tesco fuel stations.

But although £120 comes out of the account, drivers aren't actually getting charged.

What happens is that their banks temporarily reserve an amount from your available balance when you fill up.

This could be a maximum of £120 but each retailer may request a lower amount.

Once you finished filling up, the petrol pump will notify your bank of the actual value of the fuel you've purchased.

Banks, card networks and petrol stations, who have worked together on the new rule, say part of the reason for these changes is to help customers keep track of their finances.

Previously, the exact amount they spent on fuel would show up against their account balance one or two days later, making it hard to keep track of their daily spend.

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The process is designed to protect customers by ensuring they can't fill up with more fuel than they can pay for.

Unused reserved funds never leave your account but will temporarily come off your available balance.

They should revert back within minutes if the system works correctly, but some drivers have reported having to wait several days.

The system only impacts pay at pump transactions so if you pay at the desk you'll be charged normally.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We're really sorry to hear about this. The funds that are reserved while a customer refuels at Pay at Pump should be immediately released back into the customer's account.

"If this has not happened, we would recommend the customer contacts their card issuer to resolve the issue."

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