Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy film in St Andrews for The Crown

A royal love triangle! The Crown recreates the days when Kate and William were just good friends – as actress Meg Bellamy is seen walking hand-in-hand with another boyfriend

  • The Crown is diving into Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story 
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Things have been heating up on the set of The Crown in St Andrews, where Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy have filmed a scene thought to involve one of the Princess of Wales’ former flames. 

The two actors were spotted in the student town with Meg’s Kate holding hands with a third actor portraying a possible love interest, with McVey’s Prince of Wales’ tagging along. 

It was during his time at St Andrews that Prince William met and fell in love with fellow student Kate Middleton.

Before the pair became an item, Kate was believed to be dating hunky fourth-year law student Rupert Finch. 

It appears the last and sixth series of The Crown will focus on the blossoming love story between William and Kate. 

Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy have filmed a scene thought to involve one of the Princess of Wales’ former flames on the set of The Crown’s sixth series in St Andrews today

Ed looked just like as young Prince William this afternoon, dressed in a red bomber jacket, navy jumper and jeans. 

Meanwhile, Meg donned a tweed twin-set with a forest green jacket and brown boots. 

The third actor was dressed in typical upper class student fashion, in a Barbour jacket, blue jeans and a jacquard sweater. 

The trio were seen smiling and joking around while filming the scene, before taking a break on the side of the road. 

As they rested themselves between takes, a member of the beauty team approached to fix a curl in Meg’s hair.   

It’s been a busy few days of filming for the show’s cast and crew, with Ed McVey spotted going for a jog and eating chips by St Andrews’ harbour as filming for the sixth series of The Crown continued in the student town earlier today.

Dressed in grey sweatpants and a navy hoodie with the university’s coat of arms, the actor, 22, was seen doing laps on the edge of the harbour while cameras rolled. 

During filming today, Ed was spotted digging into a box of chips while chatting to other members of the filming crew in-between takes in a nod to the Prince of Wales’ favourite student takeaway. 

The pair looked in great spirits and were spotted joking around in-between breaks from filming 

Ed McVey. who plays the Prince of Wales in the upcoming series of The Crown, was spotted going for a jog and eating chips by St Andrews’ harbour earlier today

Prince William, 40, and Kate Middleton, 41, were ‘regular customers’ at the award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar, in the coastal town of Anstruther, near Fife, while students at St Andrews University 20 years ago, and even revisited it in 2021. 

Ed looked focused today as he filmed the harbour scene, acting out some of Prince William’s university routine. 

Located 9 miles away from St Andrews, Anstruther Fish Bar was one of the royal and his now wife Kate’s regular haunt. 

During a visit to St Andrews and its surrounding areas in 2021, The Prince and Princess of Wales returned to their favourite restaurant and treated themselves to a meal and ice cream, which they ate on a bench by the pier, away from prying eyes. 

Staff at the Anstruther Fish Bar shared their excitement and details of the couple’s visit in a Facebook post at the time. 

Ed was seen giving the camera a cheeky smile, while Meg and the mystery actor were seen laughing at his antics 

The trio of actors looked in great spirit as they filmed their scene together in St Andrews this afternoon 

Ed was carrying class, indicated the actors were filming a conversation taking place on their way to class

A member of the beauty team fixed a curl in Meg’s hair, while Ed and the third actor waited patiently 

The crew has been busy filming several scenes for The Crown’s sixth series this week, as they recreate the Prince of Wales’ uni days 

A smiling Ed led the way as the trio were filmed on their way to class, with Meg’s Kate smiling as well 

Crew members were on stand-by as the three actors filmed their scene, ready to immortalise the moment 

A cheerful-looking Ed joined Meg and the third actor on set, where they filmed for The Crown’s series six

Books in hand, Ed seemed to be portraying a gleeful Prince William on his way to class. A member of staff make sure his hair and makeup stayed in place 

It read: ‘We can hardly believe it’s almost 20 years since we last had the honour of frying up some Scottish haddock and chips for, our then regular customers, Prince William and Catherine Middleton, while they were students at St Andrews University.

‘Fast-forward to this afternoon and you can imagine our excitement when we had the privilege of welcoming back the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or, to give them their official Scottish titles … The Earl and Countess of Strathearn) to Anstruther Fish Bar.

‘Their Royal Highnesses have been in the East Neuk of Fife today and surprised us by ending their visit with a takeaway fish supper, which the Duchess told us, was a lovely “trip down memory lane”.

‘They enjoyed the whole takeaway experience, as most visitors to Anstruther do, sitting on a bench by the harbour, while no doubt keeping a watchful eye out for the local, hungry seagulls!

‘Before heading back to their waiting helicopter, they popped in for some ice cream and to chat with some of our thrilled staff.

The young actor was treated to some chips during filming, one of Prince William’s favourite student takeaways

Prince William, 40, and Kate Middleton, 41, were ‘regular customers’ at the award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar, in the coastal town of Anstruther, near Fife, while students at St Andrews University 20 years ago, and even revisited it in 2021 for a treat.

Ed was spotted jogging around the St Andrews harbour earlier today, wearing sweatpants and a hoodie emblazoned with the university’s coat of arms 

The actor was seen carrying two takeaway boxes, although it is unclear whether they were part of the scene the show filmed today

Ed was the spitting image of Prince William as filming for The Crown continued around St Andrews

The actor was sporting a hoodie and sweatpants from St Andrews University for his harbour scene 

A member of the crew made sure Ed’s hoodie fell just right on his shoulders before he resumed filming 

‘The Duke thanked us for the fish and chips and made a point on telling Andrew that they were just as good, if not better than he remembered from his student days.’

In spite of the chilly weather, the filming cast and crew all looked cheerful and could be seen chatting and laughing while taking breaks from filming. 

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Crown’s final series later this year, with the show already courting controversy over its depiction of the tragic death of Princess Diana.

Earlier this week, The Crown’s Meg Bellamy, who is playing Kate in the series, and Ed were seen portraying the royal couple as the series recreated their time at St Andrews.

The actress, 19, was pictured arriving at the modest St Andrews terraced house where the royal couple lived together during university. Ed was seen in a green jumper for the scenes.

When William and Kate returned for their second year at St Andrews, the pair and two pals opted to live off campus in a quaint two-storey home in the city.

Getting ready for his close-up! A member of the beauty team fixed the actor’s hair between takes

Fish and chips was one of Prince William’s treats as a student, and The Crown could be incorporating this detail into the upcoming series 

Digging in! Ed enjoyed some chips while following members of crew to the set of his next scene 

Members of the crew led Ed and another actor, playing his bodyguard, to their next scene around the harbour 

The crew got ready for filming this afternoon, with Ed diligently getting his acting directions before the cameras started rolling 

With this tracksuit and takeaway boxes, Ed looked every bit the university student during filming this afternoon

The actor listened to his instructions as members of the crew enjoyed a break from filming today 

Moving on! Ed followed two members of the filming crew to his next spot, looking at the rugged coastline 

They moved into 13A Hope Street, which cost just £100 per week each, with housemates Etonian Fergus Boyd and Olivia Bleasdale.

The modest home included a small kitchen, where William is said to have tried to impress Kate with his culinary skills.

He had relocated to the prestigious university in Fife after completing his studies at Eton College in 2001. They graduated in 2005 and William proposed five years later.

In 2007, the couple did briefly split but reunited shortly after and married in 2011.

Speaking about their mutually agreed break-up in their engagement interview the couple admitted it was for the best.

The cast and crew also filmed another jogging scene, with Ed running alongside the coastal path

Deep in thought! Ed portrayed a pensive Prince William during filming today. The scene seemed to show the young royal pondering some news while going for a jog with his bodyguard 

William said: ‘We were both very young, it was at university and we were both finding ourselves and being different characters and stuff. It was very much trying to find our own way and we were growing up.’

While Meg has no official acting credits to her name, Ed has significantly more experience; he graduated from Drama Centre London in 2021 and was an understudy in the play Camp Siegfried, which was shown at London’s Old Vic.

Meg has never acted before and applied for the role after earning an A* for drama in her A-levels at St Crispin’s School in Wokingham, Berkshire.

She had previously only taken part in school productions and had a part-time job at Legoland in nearby Windsor.

For the sixth series, Imelda Staunton will reprise her role as Queen Elizabeth II, with Jonathan Pryce playing her husband Prince Philip.

Ed filmed a few jogging scenes on the edge of the pier this morning, before the crew moved on to the next bit of filming 

A member of staff instructed Ed on how to work the camera during his running scene at the harbour 

The actor was seen running away from the camera to reach the end of the pier, overlooking the water

Bad news for William? Ed cupped his head in his hands as he filmed a scene where the royal seemed to be pondering some big piece of information 

Elizabeth Debicki will once again appear as Princess Diana in the build-up to her death, while Dominic West plays Prince Charles.

Many argued that filming scenes leading up to Princess Diana’s death in Paris were insensitive – as well as the series going ahead with its launch not long after the Queen’s death in September last year.

Focusing heavily on the fallout between Princess Diana, played by Debicki and King Charles (then Prince of Wales) as portrayed by West, the new series showcased a number of low points for the royals.

Among them were Charles and Diana’s marriage breakdown, the late royal’s controversial Panorama interview and the notorious ‘tampongate’ phone call between the King and Queen Consort, then Camilla.

Acting royalty Dame Judi Dench, who is close to King Charles and Camilla, has accused the programme of being ‘crude and hurtful’.

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