Every time I'm due to meet the guy I’m dating he cancels at the last minute | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: EVERY time I arrange to meet the guy I’m dating, he cancels at the last minute.

He says he likes me and really does want to meet. I’m a girl aged 18 and he’s 19. We’ve been out a few times.

We message all the time and he seems keen. But every time we set up a date, he says something has come up and he can’t make it. 

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DEIDRE SAYS: As he seems keen, perhaps there are genuine reasons he keeps cancelling. 

He may have family commitments, or need to take on extra work, for example, but doesn’t want you to know he’s short of cash. Or it may be that he wants to keep things casual.

If he continues to do this, ask him to be honest with you.


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