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THE price of Utterly Butterly margarine soared by 95 per cent in the past year as the cost of basic groceries has jumped higher than record levels of food inflation.

Research from Which? found that Utterly Butterly spread went up from £1 to £1.95 last year across major supermarkets.

While overall food prices rose by 15 per cent in December, butters and spreads rose by 29.4 per cent.

Milk prices rose by 26.3 per cent, cheese increased by 22.3 per cent, bakery items rose b y 19.5 per cent while bottled water also increased by 18.6 per cent.  

Sunflower oil, dairy and wheat products have jumped since Russia’s war in Ukraine as the two countries are huge producers.

The worst brand for hiking prices last year was Quaker Oats’ So Simple Simply Apple at Asda which rocketed from £1 to £2.88 – an almost trebling in price.


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Across all the supermarkets, budget and own-brand ranges increased prices at a much higher rate than premium ranges.

Campaigners have warned that higher budget prices hit poorer households the hardest because it means more of their take-home income goes on essential food and there aren’t cheaper options.

Sue Davies, Which? Head of food policy, said: “Some households are already skipping meals to make ends meet and our findings show trust in supermarkets taking a hit as many people worry they are putting profits before the people suffering during this cost of living crisis.

“Supermarkets must do more, Which? is calling for them to ensure everyone has easy access to basic, affordable food ranges at a store near them, particularly in areas where people are most in need, as well as pricing which enables people to easily work out best value and promotions to support people who are particularly struggling.”

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Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Ocado have toasted a rise in sales over Christmas, helped by inflation and more people switching to eating at home rather than dining out at restaurants to save money.

Tesco said: “With household budgets under increasing pressure, we are absolutely committed to helping our customers by keeping a laser focus on the cost of the weekly shop."

Which? also revealed that the level of inflation was higher at the discounters, with Aldi and Lidl rising most- by 21.1 per cent in December, followed closely by Aldi 20.8 per cent.

However, Which?  has said that Aldi remains the cheapest supermarket.

An Aldi spokeswoman said: “We are the lowest-priced supermarket in Britain. Our customers will always pay less for their shop with Aldi and that is why Which? has named us as the cheapest supermarket in 2022.”

Below is the full list of groceries that have have soared up by to 30%:

How can I find the best deals in the supermarket?

Get a loyalty card

Signing up for a supermarket loyalty card can often help you to get cheaper prices on essentials.

If you have a loyalty card, you may find you can get extra points or discounts, particularly if you buy petrol from the same supermarket.

The Sun recently compared the best supermarket loyalty cards in this handy guide.

Asda is the latest supermarket to promise shoppers extra perks, bringing it in line with Lidl, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

But it's worth comparing loyalty schemes – and remember you don't have to stay loyal, despite the name.

Known when to shop

Heading to the shops when products are marked down and bright yellow discount stickers are applied can save you serious dough.

If you shop in the evening, you are more likely to find goods that have been marked marked down.

But each branch of a supermarket will have their biggest discounts at slightly different times of day.

We put together a handy guide to what time supermarkets including Aldi, Asda, Tesco and Lidl reduce their prices.

Make a list

One of the most common mistakes shoppers make is going out underprepared.

Making a list will help to stay focused on getting the items that you really need, rather than being drawn into impulse purchases.

Another tip is to choose a smaller trolley – or a basket, if possible – to shop with.

A bigger trolley will look emptier even after you've finished trawling the aisles, and can encourage you to pick up more items.

Swap to own brand

Ditching items with labels like "finest" in favour of "own" or "value" can be worthwhile.

The Sun regularly tests supermarket own brand products to see if they can beat the big brands.

Lidl's own brand Freeway Cola costing 47p beat other supermarket's own brands to be crowned the best by The Sun.

While the budget supermarket's own brand orange juice was also found to be the best alternative to Tropicana.

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The brand's Smooth Orange Juice costs £2.75 compared to Lidl's Simply Orange Juice, which is just 55p.

You can also try checking frozen alternatives to fresh fruit and vegetables, and looking on the lower shelves where customers are known to find better deals.

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