Glam model tired of seedy photoshoots sets up own studio – and earns fortune

Model and businesswoman Khloe Khan has revealed runs her own female-lead glamour photography studio.

The UK based bombshell has experienced the strange world of modelling herself having been on the cover of various magazines worldwide.

But modelling in the nude can at times attract the seedier kinds of attention.

Khloe wanted to change this – so opened up her own photography studio, along with business partner Jamie Booth, to create a safe environment for women working in the glamour industry.

Owning Millwood studios and modelling are not the only pies Khloe has her fingers in – she also has her own cosmetic range.

So, it is sure to say Khloe is a force to be reckoned with.

Now speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Khloe has revealed all behind her life as a model and a female CEO.

She said: “I think being a woman in business you always have to put your foot down that little bit harder, and not release it, this industry is heavily dominated by males. I felt I got a lot of hate from that side.

“Females have always loved what I do because I do it for them, I get them results and you can’t argue with that I don’t make promises that I cannot keep.

“More importantly I tolerate zero bitching from the girls, I hated that the most about this industry.”

Understanding what it is like to be a model, Khloe wanted to change things for the better.

She added: “For me it was simple. I wanted to create a safe environment for models, and I wanted to give women power.

“I also wanted to give them more than just a picture and not be the same as everyone else , all studios offer photographs. To stand out you absolutely must do something other than just that, that’s where I come in.”

“I work with brands, I offer the girls deals, I find them paid jobs (safe ones), get them some excellent collabs and have them published in magazines.”

Khloe is a powerhouse in the game and she puts that down to knowing her limits – but things have not always been easier for the business woman.

“I keep my camp tidy, it’s funny because I'm not a typical model, I don’t have implants anywhere or any form of cosmetic work and I'm not what you would call slim.

“I had a few people laugh at the start, [saying] she’s not a model etc, how can she be a model.”

But negative comments were not the only thing she has had to deal with – she has also experienced a barrage of strange requests from men in the industry in the past.

She added: “It’s about knowing how to filter them through, one asked me to wear an adult nappy for a shoot once!

“I would say to girls, you’re maintaining an image, no amount of money is worth that and you can’t make images disappear!

“Keep it correct to yourself!”

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