Gordon Ramsay diners fume over tasteless chips which cost £8 per portion

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    Gordon Ramsay is known as one of Britain's top chefs.

    However, diners at the celebrity chef's Savoy Grill restaurant haven't been left very happy about his chips.

    The 56-year-old sparked outrage for charging £8 per portion for the chips, which one diner described as "tasteless".

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    Considering Gordon Ramsay has made a living for ripping into restaurant owners, it seems many foodies aren't forgiving when it comes to his own eateries.

    Punters are angry at the 25p per chip cost – and they're certainly willing to shout about it on Tripadvisor.

    One customer fumed on the site: "The chips were very disappointing. Not hand cut or triple cooked as you'd expect from this place, but regular and frankly, tasteless frozen chips."

    And while another said the setting itself was 'beautiful', they felt let down by the 'limited' menu and high prices.

    "The menu was very limited and I had to ask for the vegetarian version to find anything that I would eat," they wrote.

    "Portions very small and came with no potatoes or vegetables. £8 for a portion of chips to go with my husband's fish."

    They added: "While I understand we are in the heart of London I still find this excessive, and surely a main course should come with at least vegetables which are cheap and plentiful?"

    A third wrote: "We had to pay £15 for two portions of chips which is madness really."

    Mirror reporter Emer Scully also described her experience at the restaurant, including the offending chips, in a recent article.

    She wrote: "After heading through the pristine hotel lobby, a left turn takes me into the Savoy Grill, a dimly lit area of culinary excellence off London’s Strand.

    "A friendly server takes my coat before leading me to a table in the centre of the crowded restaurant.

    "The historic décor transports diners back to the 1920s, with elegant images from the restaurant in its heyday on the mirrored walls.

    "When the £8 portion of chips arrives in a silver canister, I count 31 – meaning each chip costs 25p."

    She added: "Rather than the thick-cut fries served in many gastro-pubs, they were only slightly thicker than a McDonald’s fry.

    "They were piping hot and clearly freshly prepared. But do I think they were worth 25p each? Probably not.

    "Next time, I’ll stick to the local chippy."

    Daily Star contacted Gordon Ramsay and the Savoy Grill for comment.


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