Hannah B. Finally Revealed Why She Hasn’t Sent Luke P. Home On ‘The Bachelorette’

After all the drama, it’s hard to believe that Luke P. has actually made it to hometown dates on The Bachelorette, but on Monday night’s episode, Hannah went down to Gainesville, Georgia to meet his family. And now, it seems that fans who have serious doubts about why he’s continued to receive a rose week after week have finally gotten an answer. In fact, Hannah and Luke’s hometown date on The Bachelorette finally revealed why she’s kept him on the show — even though it’s still a bit tough for fans to understand.

So far this season, Luke hasn’t exactly been showing his best side to the Bachelorette cameras. He’s gotten in multiple fights, including a screaming match with Garrett, and he even tried to tell Hannah that she shouldn’t go naked bungee jumping on a date, which is seriously crossing a line. Hannah’s even visibly struggled to communicate from him and get what she needs from him to the point that she’s questioned why he’s not acting like a human, but still, Luke sticks around.

But on his hometown date, Hannah got to know people who Luke’s been around for a long time, and they all unanimously seemed to adore him.

From the time they stepped into Luke’s Sunday school group on the day of their date, people couldn’t stop talking about what a loving, wonderful person that Luke is — someone who tries to include everyone, no matter who they are — and it basically seemed like they were describing the total opposite of who Luke has appeared to be on the show.

Then, when Hannah had the chance to talk to Luke’s family, they seemed to echo everything that everyone from church had said. His dad promised that Luke would love her fearlessly if she chose him in the end, and both of his parents seemed sold on the idea that Luke and Hannah couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

But while Hannah was talking to his parents, she revealed the real reason she’s been keeping Luke around: She actually believes that Luke is the person his parents say he is, and that she’s believed it all along — despite what behavior she’s witnessed from him along the way. She thinks Luke has a good heart, and that their relationship has only become stronger because of the drama they’ve been through. Hmm. That’s definitely one way to look at it, but no one knows the situation better than Hannah does.

And surprisingly enough, Hannah even admitted that she’s falling in love with Luke. Regardless of what has happened in past episodes, that’s where her heart is at.

Luke’s lasted a lot longer on The Bachelorette than many fans would have guessed, but it seems to be all thanks to how strong Hannah’s feelings are for him. But will that be enough to get them through the drama that inevitably lies ahead? He may have made it to hometown dates, but he still has a few hoops to jump through before that final rose could be his.

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