Hannah & Luke P.’s Relationship Had This Positive Takeaway For ‘The Bachelorette’ Star

Despite how messy and uncomfortable Hannah Brown and Luke Parker’s relationship on The Bachelorette was, the star of the reality dating series’ 15th season recently shared with People that her time spent with the bologna-wielding contestant did have a “silver lining.” Hannah told the magazine that she “grew a lot from the relationship, adding that she hopes her experience with Luke P. helps any The Bachelorette viewers who might be in a similar situation. She explained,

Her relationship with Luke P. ended on a sour note, but she is grateful she could share her experience with so many viewers— especially those who may relate. As she told People, “I think every time you go through a difficult relationship, you realize more and more about what you will and you won’t have in your next relationship — what you deserve and what you don’t deserve."

On the July 15 episode of The Bachelorette, Luke P. and Hannah had a conversation that Bachelor Nation will not soon forget. Before the fantasy suite portion of the evening was supposed to begin, Luke P. told Hannah that he would want to leave the show if he found out she had sex with other contestants, questioned her faith, and said she might be forgiven for her “slip-ups.” Hey, if Luke P. wants to be abstinent, that’s cool! It’s his body, his choice, his prerogative, et cetera. But you know what’s not cool? Trying to manipulate someone into “saving it” for marriage.

His spiel did not sit well with Hannah, and she patiently and eloquently explained why she no longer saw a future with him. She asked him to leave, but he refused, apparently convinced he could get her to change her mind. After several tense minutes, Hannah eventually got him to get in a car and go. (In a preview for next week’s episode, we see him return to the show unannounced.)

After the fantasy suites episode aired, Luke P. addressed his scene in a lengthy Instagram post. The caption reads,

Well, that’s… not exactly an apology? And his post-ep Twitter exchange with Hannah wasn’t exactly amicable? Oof, the Men Tell All special is going to be a bumpy ride. However, if there is one person who can spin some negative straw into "Hey, I learned something" gold, it’s Alabama Hannah.

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