Heatwave breaks record for hottest August bank holiday Monday ever

The record for the hottest August bank holiday Monday ever has been broken.

A temperature of 28.6C has been recorded at Tibenham Airfield in Norfolk.

That is a full 0.6C hotter than the previous August bank holiday record set at Holbeach, Lincolnshire two years ago.

There is a good chance that the record will be broken again later today as the sun reaches its zenith.

The Met Office has suggested that "temperatures will continue to rise through the rest of the day".

Earlier forecasts suggest that the mercury could peak at 33C today – laying waste to the previous August bank holiday record by a clear 4C.

Meltdown Monday follows on from sizzling Saturday and sun soaked Sunday, which came together to form the hottest August bank holiday weekend in 54 years.

The Met Office confirmed the new record temperature, which was set at Heathrow.

It beats the previous record of 31.5C, set in 2001 and again at Heathrow.

The heatwave is due to continue on Tuesday when highs of 33C are expected.

The weather will break later in the day however, with low pressure leading to thunderstorms across parts of the west.

Highest temperature records are being broken with increased regularity in the UK.

Not only were two new highs reached this weekend, on July 25 this year England experienced its hottest day on record when it reached 38.7C in Cambridge.

As pleasant as it may be to light a BBQ in the balmy weather or bask in the sunshine on the banks of a river, the hot weather underlines a worrying trend.

The UK's ten hottest years on record have all occurred since 2002, according to the Met Office, with none of the country's ten coldest years being recorded since 1963.

This is because green house gases are heating up our planet at a rate accelerated by man-made emissions.

“The science of climate change is now clear," Dr Michael Byrne from the University of St Andrews told the Guardian.

 The UK government must ramp up preparations and ensure that our infrastructure and citizens are prepared for what is to come.”

Friends of the Earth has produced an easy to follow guide for people who wish to reduce their impact on the environment.

Amongst other tips, the charity suggests eating less meat and dairy, taking trains instead of planes and switching to green energy providers.

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