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Overview: Opposites attract? Mars enters balancing-act Libra on Tuesday, giving the zodiac a chance to harmonize their objection to difference until October 30. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square wants us to find the trust to lean on community through taking a micro-risk. Friday’s T-Square among the Moon-Saturn in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio, and Uranus in Taurus provides illuminating experiences about friendship and shared values.

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Conflict is inevitable, Aries. Mars enters your Libra-ruled relationship zone on Tuesday, helping you find greater closeness through conflict. A Venus-Uranus square on Thursday wants you to look at intimate relationships through a friendship lens. This weekend’s T-Square wants you to review your friendships for shared values and authenticity.


Work on those habits, Taurus! Mars enters your Libra-ruled wellbeing zone on Tuesday, motivating you towards better habit-building. A Venus-Uranus square on Thursday illuminates the individual and relational skills that sustain the romance you want. This weekend’s T-Square is a clash between work, life, and relationships. Be gentle and flexible with yourself!


Are there systems for creativity, Gemini? Mars enters your Libra-ruled creativity zone on Tuesday, helping you find routine and habits that optimize creativity. Thursday’s Venus-Uranus square wants you to pay attention to the details and big picture in balance. This weekend’s T-Square wants you to be flexible, prepared, and light on your feet for tons of surprises!


Self-acceptance is key, Cancer! Mars enters your Libra-ruled emotion zone and the goal is to accept all the strengths and imperfections within you. Thursday’s Venus-Uranus square grounds you in confidence for the giving and receiving of pleasure. This weekend’s T-Square is gives the full spectrum of emotion—joy, uncertainty, a little fear—and the loved ones to hold it all with you.


Seek understanding, Leo! Mars enters your Libra-ruled communication zone so you can not just be understood, but see, hear, and validate others, too. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square highlights the basis of trust in your closest relationships and why you do/don’t trust others. This weekend’s T-Square gives a socially connecting energy that feels both emotional and productive.


You’re enough, Virgo! Mars enters your Virgo-ruled self-security zone and it’s telling you that you’re enough exactly as you are, no exceptions! Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square wants you to communicate what you’re observing to people who need to hear it. This weekend’s T-Square is intellectually stimulating and a bit challenging, so give yourself permission to rethink and redo!


You’re on fire, Libra! Mars enters your sign on Tuesday and wants you to own your wantings for any and everything to greater understand yourself. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square wants you to gain confidence by putting your values into practice. This weekend’s T-Square brings up a range of emotions. Try to stay calm and curious throughout it all.


It’s time for closure, Scorpio. Mars enters your Libra-ruled completion zone on Tuesday, helping you release all that holds you back from your highest self. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square wants you to vulnerably share your feelings with people you trust. This weekend’s T-Square helps you understand who you can rely on.


Take it to the streets, Sag! Mars enters your Libra-ruled activism zone on Tuesday, and you’ll be championing a big cause while you step into leadership. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square wants you to lean on a spiritual practice in order to find closure. This weekend’s T-Square helps you focus on the power of proactive habits that optimize your emotional health and wellbeing.


Rise and shine, Cap! Mars enters your Libra-ruled career zone, advancing your professional outcomes through your most meaningful relationships. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square helps you feel so connected to your joy because of your friendships. This weekend’s T-Square wants you to let your curiosities lead you to new places and intellectual breakthroughs!


Get ready for the “Ah-ha!”, Aquarius! Mars enters your Libra-ruled wisdom zone on Tuesday, giving you ideas and strategies that are meant to be applied. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square wants you to focus in on your professional relationships for insight. This weekend’s T-Square frames your emotional intelligence for clues on how to professionally succeed.


Let’s go deeper, Pisces. Mars enters your Libra-ruled authenticity zone on Tuesday, helping you understand the most meaningful truths. Thursday’s Venus-Saturn square gives you the faith and optimism to let go of something holding you back. This weekend’s T-Square helps you stay grounded and in motion on a particular goal, so stay focused and flexible for results!

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