Home Alone Director Says Planned Reboot 'Waste of Time'

“You’re not going to create lightning in a bottle again.”

The director of “Home Alone” isn’t here for the planned reboot.

Chris Columbus, who helmed the classic 1990 holiday comedy starring Macaulay Culkin, had a few choice words after Disney+ announced a reimagining of the film.

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“Nobody got in touch with me about it, and it’s a waste of time as far as I’m concerned,” Columbus said to Insider. “What’s the point? I’m a firm believer that you don’t remake films that have had the longevity of ‘Home Alone.'”

“You’re not going to create lightning in a bottle again,” he continued. “It’s just not going to happen. So why do it? It’s like doing a paint-by-numbers version of a Disney animated film — a live-action version of that.”

Back in August of 2019, former Disney President Bob Iger said the company would be rebooting four movies after it acquired Fox’s library — ‘Home Alone,” “Night At the Museum,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Cheaper By the Dozen.”

“We’re also focused on leveraging Fox’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content mix on our DTC platforms,” Iger explained at the time, according to Deadline. “We see great long-term value in the broad collection of theatrical IP we acquired from Fox.”

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In his interview with Insider, Columbus rejected the notion.

“What’s the point? It’s been done,” he argued. “Do your own thing. Even if you fail miserably, at least you have come up with something original. I can even be accused of it myself, with ‘Home Alone 2.’ That movie is basically a remake of the first ‘Home Alone.’ Does it need to exist? Yes, because some of those stunts make me laugh really hard, but I just don’t believe it should be done.”

He also spoke out about a reimagining of the film that was in the works at Fox before they were bought by Disney.

“There’s going to be a ‘Stoned Alone’ with Ryan Reynolds. God only knows what that will be — a stoner version of ‘Home Alone’? Listen, have fun. I just feel, do something new. Life is short.”

Reflecting on the longevity of the movie, Columbus said it resonates with so many people “because it has an emotional connection.”

“Sure, people love to laugh and it’s fun, but it’s centered on a specific time of the year when people are hopeful and happy. I think it’s the perfect movie for people to sit around the living room with your entire family and watch it.”

“And the John Williams score helps tremendously,” he added. “When we heard John’s score against the picture for the first time, it was overwhelming how emotional the movie became. It changed the movie is all I can say.”

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