Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Friday, June 24

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Don’t keep thoughts and feelings bottled up inside. If you feel uncertain about some recent decisions in the family, talk them over. A relative will not be unwilling to change their mind. Just remember: they can’t read yours. Discussions will lead to decisions that suit you all.


It can be surprising to find you’re getting on so well with someone who has just moved into your locality. Your first meeting gave you the impression you had little if anything in common with each other. This just goes to show that first impressions can be deceptive and aren’t always reliable.


Work and other responsibilities will keep you occupied for most of the day. Although you would like to get some jobs out of the way, you don’t really want to rush them. In fact, in some cases you might prefer to be given more time to consider all the facts and figures involved.


In recent weeks, you have felt increasingly annoyed with a workmate or housemate who has not been pulling their weight. There will be a growing realisation that you aren’t feeling as frustrated with them now when at least they are starting to take an interest in their obligations.


As much as you would like to forge ahead with a special project, you will also accept your limitations. In the past, overconfidence upset your hopes and wishes to a certain degree and you don’t want to repeat the same mistake. For that reason, you will take your time.


The curiosity of a neighbour who likes to know everyone else’s business will not lessen. You’re well aware of the reason behind their sudden friendliness. You also know that once they get the information they’re seeking out of you, they will be moving on to the next person.


A workplace misunderstanding can be resolved through discussing your thoughts and feelings. In romance and friendship, you are starting to feel more content than you have been for some time. If you are single, you will be looking forward to a first date with a new partner.


You can’t work out why someone in the family is being so obnoxious. You feel you are being reasonable but they are accusing you of the opposite. It will seem as if they are constantly and deliberately taking the opposite view to yours even when they are blaming you for the same.


You will come up with a great way to make a shared hobby pay; or how to raise funds for a charity through selling crafts. In your enthusiasm, don’t forget to listen to the views of like-minded friends as they have some great ideas to contribute too.


Believe in yourself. Providing you don’t overtax your strength, there should be nothing to lose by letting an industrious mood go to your head. You are focused on getting results and taking the initiative in work-related concerns will make a good impression on your boss.


The desire to break free from tradition will be so intense you will not want to ignore it. Even so, there is someone who will try to pour cold water on your out of the ordinary ideas. Ideally you will prefer to get on in the background where you cannot be disturbed or distracted.


Take care of your health. Whether it is aching joints or headaches, take these seriously and don’t push yourself to do anything you don’t feel up to. If you are involved in any kind of sport, it will be important to take action to remedy any physical ailments.

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