How Did Zoë Kravitz Meet Her Husband, Karl Glusman?

Zoë Kravitz is officially a married woman.

The actress recently tied the knot with her boyfriend of three years, Karl Glusman, in her father‘s Paris mansion this past weekend.

Though Kravitz isn’t too vocal when it comes to her love life, she didn’t have a problem sharing the completely relatable story of how they met.

The couple was introduced to each other by a mutual friend

Since we live in an age of social media and online connections, dating nowadays can be pretty tough, especially if you want to meet quality people.

Swiping left and right isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes just meeting someone on a whim is all most people want to do.

When it comes to famous actors, dating can be even more of a challenge, but Zoë Kravitz wasn’t going to let that stop her from finding love.

The Big Little Lies actress recently appeared on the cover of British Vogue, and she opened up about the night she met her now husband, Karl Glusman, at a bar all thanks to a mutual friend.

“I love that it wasn’t on an app and that it wasn’t on a movie set,” she said. “My friend knew that I wanted to meet someone – not even to get serious, I think just to get laid, to be completely honest with you – and he brought Karl. I instantly felt something – then he turned around and started talking to the blonde girl next to him and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’. But he later told me that he was just nervous.” 

Glusman, who already had a crush on Kravitz, was initially too nervous to talk to her, but by the end of the night, she had invited him back to her place for an afterparty with friends.

Kravitz and Glusman immediately hit it off and the couple has publicly showcased their love, moved in together, and have loved every second they get to spend together ever since.

“I can be my weirdest self around him,” Kravitz said. “It’s so relaxing to be around someone where you can be a hundred percent how you feel.”

Glusman proposed in an unintended location

After their initial meeting, Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman realized that they were truly meant for each other.

Though maintaining a strong relationship can get pretty challenging with both of them being actors, Kravitz and Glusman didn’t let their work ruin their relationship.

However, their busy schedules have ruined a special day Karl Glusman had planned for his significant other but he made up for it with an even more special moment.

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During a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, the Big Little Lies actress confirmed that she was engaged after the interviewer noticed her ring.

“Oh yeah, I’m engaged. I haven’t told anyone yet — I mean, I haven’t told the world. I wanted to keep it private,” she explained.

Kravitz and Glusman were dating for about a year and a half when, last February, the actor popped the question.

Zoë Kravitz revealed that Glusman intended to propose to her in Paris but decided to move the moment to their living room when work schedules got in the way of his plans.

“I was in sweatpants,” Kravitz said. “I think I was a little drunk. I could feel his heart beating so fast — I was like, ‘Baby, are you OK?’ I was actually worried about him! I love that it wasn’t this elaborate plan in Paris. It was at home, in sweatpants.”

Now, the couple is officially man and wife after tying the knot during a beautiful ceremony that was held inside Lenny Kravitz impressive three-story, eight-bedroom, 18th-century Paris home this past weekend.

All thanks to their mutual friend and that fateful night at the bar, Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusome have found their happily ever after in each other.

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