How to clean paint brushes with white spirit

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Brits may have picked up a few new hobbies over the last lockdown. Some favourites may include types of exercise such as running or completing a long-postponed home project. The issue with painting, however, is that people have to maintain their tools.

How to clean paintbrushes with white spirit

Any home projects, especially longer ones, can take time and energy.

They may leave people tired and unwilling to clean their brushes after a day of painting, meaning it starts to dry on.

If people find their brushes caked with paint, they will need something abrasive to clean it off, namely white spirit.

White spirit is a mild solvent distilled from petroleum.

People traditionally use the solution for cleaning and maintaining machinery.

But it will also remove oil-based paints from brushes and rollers. has compiled a guide for removing paint with white spirits.


  • White spirit
  • Glass jar
  • Paint scraper
  • A clean cloth
  • A container

People need to take care when using white spirit, as it can cause unpleasant symptoms such as dizziness and irritation with exposure.

As such, cleaners should stick to well-ventilated areas or go outside and wear some gear.

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Cleaners can use soap and water to uncake brushes dried with water-based paints.

Brushes with dried on oil-based and glossy paints will need scraping first.

People should scrape as much leftover paint off the surface as possible before filling a jar with white spirit.

Then, insert the brush and mix it around in the liquid, ensuring it penetrates the surface.

Once worked in, cleaners should leave the brushes to soak for up to two hours until clean.

Then, remove and rinse the brushes under a tap before drying them off with a cloth.

The process should have removed the paint, and any remaining particles will sink to the bottom of the jar.

At this point, people can transfer the remaining white spirit to a new container and bin the particles once dry.

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