I got new tattoos each month after being disowned – now men chuck drinks at me

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    A former law student who was “ghosted” by her religious parents after joining OnlyFans is humiliated in public over her tattoos.

    Body art lover Lowri Rose wants to be totally covered in ink one day and she already has more tattoos than she can count.

    But the 23-year-old racy model has been attacked over her appearance.

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    The former Christian, who went to church twice on Sundays with her devout family, told Daily Star: “I had a guy throw a can of coke over me because I asked him not to make comments about my tattoos.

    “It was outside Spa and it was the middle of the day. It was by the front door and he was waiting for me when I got out and he just threw the drink.

    “I was angry but I left it and this was only like six months ago. It used to get to me when I was a bit younger but now I just see that some people don't have social skills.

    “I think it needs to be called out but whenever I have called them out I have been assaulted so I tend do leave it now.”

    The Cardiff creator added: “But usually it’s women who have a problem with them. I don’t know if they are threatened by them but normally they have a bigger issue.

    “I went to Nottingham once to get a tattoo and I had an old woman literally stop and stare and look me up and down in the middle of the street.

    “It’s not massive things but it is little things that happen often.”

    Lowri has been an OnlyFans babe for 18 months, a decision that caused her to be shunned by her family.

    She previously told us how her “church grassed to her loved ones” about her saucy career before they cut contact with her.

    The model remembered how her stepdad called her to say they no longer wanted to see her.

    Lowri was initially upset but is now ok with not having a relationship with the people who raised her.

    She explained how she never felt comfortable in the church community and as a teenager she spent her free time idolising women on Tumblr who proudly flaunted their ink.

    “I always admired girls with tattoos,” she told us. “And when I turned 18 the first thing I did was get a tattoo and my mum was livid.

    “As soon as I got disowned I thought ‘you know what I will get every tattoo I want now’ so I was getting a tattoo every month and now I’m covered.

    “I will keep going until there is no space.”

    She has the words “Baby Doll” written on the back of her thighs and blokes regularly shout it at her in the street.

    “It’s always old men, especially when I am walking on my own,” she said. “That is their perfect time.”

    Despite being targeted for her body art, Lowri lives with no regrets.

    And she vowed to continue getting inked and that no area of her body is off limits.

    But as for those who look down on her, she said: “It doesn’t bother me that much because I know if you are judging someone based on your appearance you are not a good person anyway so that doesn’t matter to me.”


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