‘I hid when older lover pulled out evil looking sex toy – now she calls me wimp’

My older lover wants us to indulge in increasingly extreme sexual practices.

The other night she came into the bedroom brandishing the most evil-looking sex toy I’ve ever seen.

I locked myself in the bathroom. I said I wasn’t prepared to do her bidding and she called me a wimp.

She used to be so lovely. When we first got together in 2018, she was damaged after a horrible divorce. I was newly single too, and we clung together like castaways.

Now it feels like she’s testing me – she’s determined to humiliate me to see how far she can go.

JANE SAYS: I’d urge you to protect your mental health and self-esteem by stepping away from this relationship.

If your partner can no longer bring herself to treat you with kindness and respect, then you’re done here.

When you first met, she was battered and bruised after
a painful divorce.Now she’s feeling more confident, she feels entitled to push you around.

You must tell her immediately that you refuse to be bullied. Is she prepared to apologise and change, or do you need to move on?

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'Rats romping across street'

Should I tell my neighbour her husband is bonking a woman over the road?

I work from a table in my front room and watch him going over there every weekday at 2pm. I can see him up in the bedroom – sometimes they don’t even bother to shut the curtains. The cheating rat runs home at 5.45pm just before she returns from work.

JANE SAYS: Keep out of this. You have no way of knowing what’s really going on. The last thing you want is to get a reputation as a nosy neighbour.

Put up a blind, get on with your work and leave others to live their own lives. She wouldn’t thank you for washing their dirty linen in public.

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