I let my dog Vivienne Bigfoot Womble make my wife Mothers Day breakfast

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    It's no secret that people can love their pets as much as their children.

    Maybe that's why they can love their human parents so much more in return.

    One dog even surprised her mum with a special Mother's Day breakfast to mark the occasion.

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    Carly Saunders, 49, was surprised by her cockapoo Vivienne Bigfoot Womble Phoebe Saunders on Mother's Day.

    The pooch presented her with a scrumptious breakfast to celebrate mothering Sunday, and she loved every moment of it.

    Her husband, Dan Saunders, 35, thought it seemed the fitting surprise means as it was the first Mother's Day they'd spent together since Carly's son had moved out.

    Dan said: "It's the first Mother's Day we have had since her son left home.

    "I let my wife have a lie in, and then the dog made her a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.

    "The dog was very excited, and just wanted bacon at the end of it.

    "My other half was absolutely delighted, and loved that the dog pretended to make her a sandwich."

    It's fair to say Carly had a great day as a dog mum, and the only thing Dan managed to forget was a card.

    He also thinks there must be lots of dog lovers out there who mark occasions in similar ways.

    "There must be lots of people who do it," he added.

    "Cat lovers too."

    A few years back it was reported that some people love their pets more than their partners.

    At the time around 15% of people surveyed admitted preferring their furry friends to their other halves.

    A third of pet-owners said their animals were at least on a level pegging with their partners.

    The research was carried out by Maguire Family Law to mark Love Your Pet Day in 2019.

    What's definitely clear is dogs sure do love their mums this Mother's Day – at least this is the case for Vivienne Bigfoot Womble Phoebe Saunders.


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