‘I wear tight shorts to the gym and people accuse me of doing it attention

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after slamming people who believe that wearing revealing sportswear to the gym is a cry for attention.

The gym-goer, called Deanna O’Donnel, from Lutherville, Maryland, posted a clip of herself wearing light blue shorts and a white sports bra as she prepares to perform squats.

Her post, which has racked up more than 363,000 views on TikTok, presents the quote: “Girls that dress like this at the gym was male attention.”

However, Deanna shuts the statement with the caption “Or to look hot for ourselves??, which takes a dig at people who slate women for wearing revealing clothes.

In the second part of the TikTok clip, a scene from the television series Euphoria flashes onto the screen, to elucidate Deanna’s point.

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It shows the character Cassie walk past Nate in the school hallway, having put hours of effort into her look, just to be completely dismissed by him as he passes her.

The clip conveys the message that women who wear revealing clothes could not care less about the men watching them and discredits the theory that they’re seeking attention in the first place.

Viewers’ reactions to the post were rather divisive, but a great majority appeared to share the opinion that women are in the right to wear what they want for their workouts.

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Some whole-heartedly agreed with the content creator, writing: “It actually to feel more confident within ourselves, and with that confidence, we have a better workout lol.”

One person joked: “I mean the cuter the outfit the better the workout right?”, to which the content creator responded: “That’s what I’m saying!!”

Others were less agreeable, however, in saying: “If you not wearing it at home where no one can see you, then you’re not wearing it for yourself.

“It doesn’t mean you don’t want attention just because you don’t give any back,” agreed another.

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