I'm plus-size and ordered PLT dresses for wedding season

I’m a plus-size fashion blogger and ordered PLT dresses for wedding season – the green one made me look like Gumby but people are loving it

  • Dyllan Moxim, 27, put the brand’s wedding guest dresses to the test 
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A plus-size fashion blogger has gone viral on TikTok after testing out several dresses from PrettyLittleThing’s occasionwear range.

Dyllan Moxim, 27, from the US, reviewed the items in a series of TikTok videos that have amassed over 650,000 views.

Introducing the first clip, the social media star said: ‘Okay so it’s wedding season – it’s dress season, it’s just every season ever.

‘I picked out some dresses to show you guys what we can be wearing for events – these ones are from PrettyLittleThing.’ 

To begin with, Dyllan put on a pink-and-orange floral midi dress with slight puffed sleeves.

Dyllan Moxim, 27, from Los Angeles, reviewed PrettyLittleThing’s occasionwear offerings in a video that has amassed over 620,000 views

Impressed by how good it looked on her, the star said: ‘This is such a moment. 

‘When I was young, I was so insecure about my arms. I would [neve have worn] this because it’s like accentuating my arms. 

‘But who gives a f***? I look hot.’ 

Dyllan then went on to explain how she ordered the dress in a size 14 [UK 18] but admitted she could have sized up.

After this, the fashionista tried out two pleated midi dresses which she bought in different prints.

Although she felt she was ‘losing her shape’, Dyllan said the style of dress was ‘stunning’ and ‘hella dramatic’. 

What’s more, the star also picked up a one-shouldered midi dress with pink-and-purple tiered ruffles.

‘This is so beautiful,’ she said. ‘I love it. But size up, there’s no stretch.’ 

The plus-size social media star was unsure about this green dress with a thigh-high split as she thought it made her look like the clay animation cartoon Gumby

Dyllan turned to her 506,000 followers for their advice on whether or not she should keep the green dress

To finish the video, Dyllan tried on a form-fitting bright green strappy dress with a thigh-high split.

‘Oh this is nice,’ she said. ‘It’s tight, I’m in there. I look a little bit like Gumby in this colour but I kind of like it. It’s a little more simple, a little sexy.’

Still undecided on whether or not to keep the dress, Dyllan then filmed a follow-up TikTok asking for feedback from her 506,000 followers.

She asked: ‘Is this cute or is this giving Gumby’s sexy sister?’ 

Gumby is a clay animation series that has been airing in the US since 1953. Promotional picture of Gumby from 2012

Gumby is a clay animation franchise that first aired in the US in 1953. In the past 70 years, over 233 episodes of the show have aired. 

Dyllan then captioned the clip: ‘I filmed this and then saw a woman with a Gumby tattoo later on.’ 

‘Gumby but make it fashion,’ one replied. ‘I love it.’ 

Another added: ‘It’s perfection on you.’

‘You can do no wrong,’ a third said. 

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