Influencer shows reality behind filtered Instagram posts with unedited photos

An influencer who rose to prominence for sharing snaps of her acne-ridden skin online is showing the reality of Instagram editing.

Maia Gray spent years covering her face with makeup after cruel bullies made fun of her appearance in school.

But, now aged 27, she refuses to hide her authentic self any longer.

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The UK-based beauty has accepted her skin and is sharing incredible photos of her face to show other acne sufferers they’re not alone.

She’s also showing how extreme photo-editing on Instagram can really be.

“It’s mind-blowing what apps can do these days. This is a selfie I took without any makeup on however, the app that was used could completely cover the real me,” she wrote in one caption.

“The left side of my face is heavily edited. The right side is my skin currently. It has acne. It has scars. It has pores and I evidently have dark circles too.

“I’ll say it again: it’s ALL part of having skin and being human. Filters can be fun but as soon as it starts to make you feel unhappy about your appearance, it’s time to delete the app.”

Maia wants to help people to realise that they’re “wonderful” just as they are.

She has also said that it’s important that people don’t compare themselves to others online.

The influencer added: “It’s worrying what editing apps can do. I hope you know that not all images online are real life. All images can be edited at the click of a button.

“Try not to let someone’s highlight reel online, dictate the way you view your reflection each morning in person.”

The self-love guru also regularly discusses how social media can effect people’s mental health.

Maia’s goal is to be as honest as possible on the app to make people realise that not everything they see is real.

She said: “Reminder: social media can negatively impact your mental health. Please be careful when scrolling online.

“Not everything is reality and I want you to know this … be careful what you compare yourself to. It takes a couple of seconds to change your entire features.

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“I’m here to tell you that you don’t need filters to feel beautiful.”

Thanks to her honest approach to social media, Maia has accumulated 103,000 loyal followers who share their positive comments with her on a regular basis.

“Thank you so much, for normalising what has always been normal! looking imperfect is what makes us unique and beautiful!” one person wrote.

"I used to feel insecure about my acne and acne scars so much but these kinds of posts are giving me the confidence to accept myself and I know it’ll get better with time," said another.

A third added: "The reality is better than any edit."


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